Facilitators Enrichment

Vikalp recognizes the paramount role of facilitators in implementing the Vikalp Method of Learning. However, like any change the path is difficult for one who implements it. There may be operational issues, aversion to change and lack of time etc. The key is to equip the teachers through constant training and workshops to make them aware about experiential learning and its superior benefits.

Our effort is to kindle the fire which resides in every educator, that in the end the highest satisfaction is in making sure that all or most of their learners have achieved the goal of understanding and internalizing course material taught by them. The learners can not only do the Math but understand the inherent concepts and are confident to apply it in real life.

Vikalp based on the need and requirements of partner school conducts various training and workshop addressing the following topics:

  • What are the gaps in mathematics teaching-learning process?
  • Why Experiential Learning?
  • How to conduct experiential learning in class?
  • How to introduce a topic and devise subsequent lesson plans?
  • How to devise assessment during the process of learning and their performance after the learning process based on CCE pattern.

Along with the focused training, Vikalp endeavors to bring all its facilitators together through workshops and seminars for,

  • Learning from renowned educationist
  • Collaborative learning
  • Sharing of Best Practices.