Quantitative Impact of our methodology, our solutions and program is evident through the independent study carried out by Partner School where Vikalp method is being practiced. We are proud to say that The Average scores, across concepts increased from 37.4% to 85.7% an increase of 229%.

The qualitative impact of the Vikalp Solution is on all the stakeholders including the learners.

Conceptual understanding and application:

  • Experiential learning creates an environment of learning incorporating both rigour and Play
  • Involves all senses of the learner for quicker understanding and application in real life
  • Rigour through continuous assessment without stress, as assessment part of learning
  • Learning with easy to use tools inculcating conceptual understanding of the topics.
  • Chronological introductions of strands and modules to Create continuous skill development
  • Continuous assessment as part of learning to incorporate specific corrective actions for individual learners
  • Hand in hand learning through experience and application in real life.
    • The continuous loop of concrete understanding, to reflective observation, to abstract conceptualization, to experimentation and application in real life.

Course Mastery:

  • Mastering of the prescribed course instead of cramming of the course.
  • Complete preparation to handle higher challenges through complete understanding of curricula at every level from abstract to practical
  • Better performance guarantee; enabled by continuous assessment and individualized corrective interventions by all stakeholders (teacher to parent)

  • Parents are consciously involved in program and are part of learners journey of understanding math
  • Specific Parent Engagement through orientation and various offline and online communication
  • Vikalp participation in Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Access provided to parents of assessment (online) to access reports on real time basis
  • Diagnostic report, remedial measures and concrete actionable are provided to parents
  • Parents forum; online and on Social Media with complete support system, complemented with in person congregation for feedback and suggestions.

  • Facilitators training and continuous monitoring
  • Defined experiential activities and application
  • High degree of involvement of facilitators in every aspect of learning
  • Continuous assessment and monitoring
  • State of the art Vikalp experiential training to facilitators on quarterly basis
  • Continuous training updates basis practical knowledge and best practices evolved from years of experience and interventions

  • Twenty Years Research and Practical application at Carmel school and Ramanujan Institute, incorporated in Vikalp Math Program
  • Models validated schools with excellent results.
  • Continuous research, design and improvement from in house team gleaning from best practices and on the ground experience.
  • Operating procedure at granular level with defined methods, processes and outcomes defined basis input and output on day to day basis
  • Customization of the curriculum of the program as per unique needs of the institution, without sacrificing the prescribed methodology and curriculum as directed by NCF (National Curriculum Framework)
  • Incorporating best practices in implementing the curriculum
  • Proven pedagogy incorporated to the unique needs of the school
  • Curriculum divided as per learners requirement in strands and modules for better reception and interconnected learning

  • Knowledge and data sharing with leadership to enable effective leadership
    • School Performance
    • Resource Performance
  • Access to reports for Leadership to gauge the school performance and to take informed decisions
  • Provides performance reports of school as a whole on real time basis
  • Identifies high performing and laggard groups of learners.
  • Provides benchmarking reports to understand the performance vis a vis peers as well as established players.
  • Provides the performance report of Facilitators to identify the best performers and laggards.
  • Information pertaining to sentiments of parents and other stakeholders.
  • Compliance of CBSE and NCERT by incorporating Vikalp Program
    • Math learning aid and lab
    • Elimination of books
    • Experiential learning