Kaleidoscopic Workshop

Most of us in our childhood days have made kaleidoscope. That simple apparatus which brought colourful and amazing vistas in our life. We used it, talked about it for days end.

Vikalp in its endeavor to take learning beyond closeted situations offers to schools Kaleidoscopic Workshops to teach Mathematics. Along with the mathematics learning through the manipulative we reinforce in consciousness the understanding of various concepts.

The objective of Various Kaleidoscopic workshops conducted by Vikalp is to trigger curiosity towards the world of mathematics. We conduct such workshops as

  • Puppet show: Traditional kathputli of Rajsthan is used in teaching contemporary mathematical concepts taught to school-going-children. We have partnered with luminaries like Puran Bhat (winner of Sangeet Natak Akademi) who prepare the show.
  • Story telling session: During this session children explore the magical world of mathematics through folklore.
  • Origami: Hands-on session using paper as a manipulative to teach and learn geometrical concepts.
  • Nukkard natak: Small plays on different concepts are prepared in collaboration with children. They write the story, direct it and enact it. We just facilitate it.
  • Math’s in nature: Children are encouraged to decipher mathematical patterns in nature and natural phenomena eg. patterns of leaves in a branch, pattern of petal in sunflower.
  • Math’s trail: students take a walk around the school, record the info along the trail and learn to create mathematical problem eg. Why are pillars round in structure?