Vikalp, advocates a method of learning which is participative and engaging. The methodology is driven by a structured approach which creates an environment and culture of experiential learning. Built on extensive research, years of practice in field by its educationists and our experience of programs implemented in various partner schools, the methodology revolves around the four basic parameters:

  • Act: Learners are actively Involve in Learning Experience. Learner experience various concepts by doing activities on their own or in a group.
  • Reflect: Learners reflects on the activity done by them. Facilitators help them to reflect in right direction towards real understanding of concept.
  • Apply: The Experiences thus learned are applied on pen and paper and daily life situation.
  • Assess: Continuous Comprehensive Assessment is done at each step; both “of learning” and “for learning” to determine the progress and achievement of learner. It further guides the facilitator in diagnosing, remedying and creating further strategies and plans.

As experiential learning cannot be closeted in class and is a continuous process. The method has to essentially incorporate all stakeholders. Facilitators need to create an environment for discovery and situation where knowledge is caught and not taught. This needs to be reinforced at home for learners and schools need to enable through leadership aided by continuous assessment and evaluation. Vikalp through its unique methodology enables a 360º engagement.

  • Students: Activities, tools, out of class learning and Continuous Assessment & Evaluation.
  • Facilitators: Workshops, training, Assessment support, Teaching supports and collaterals like Lesson Plans etc. along with strategic planning for learning. (See More in Facilitators Enrichment)
  • Parents:We continuously engage parents through orientation, workshops, online and offline support with detailed reports on learner’s progress and achievement and associated diagnostic and remedial.
  • Institution: Institution is provided a structured curriculum to provide experiential learning opportunity to all its students. Creates a Standard Operating procedure and helps in taking data driven decisions basis reports of academic, teachers and strategic reports.