Parent Engagement

In the debates about learning most of the organizations forget that bulk of learning and application of the learning happens at home. The biggest supporters and committed people in learners’ life are the parents. They influence them, guide them and take them to the path of understanding and learning at the same time recognizing the special needs and requirements of their children intimately known to them. They provide undivided and focused attention unfettered by pressures of competition with free and enjoyable environment of learning; not possible anywhere in learners’ life.

We at Vikalp recognize this valuable link and resource which can make experiential learning a reality for learners. Vikalp engages with parents through:

  • Parent orientation
  • Customized online space for performance reports and diagnostics. Through VANES.
  • Interventions and remedial focused and customized basis the children performance and diagnostics.
  • Online help like activities, videos and worksheets.
  • Parents forum; online and on Social Media with complete support system, complemented with in person congregation for feedback and suggestions