We are bunch of young guys; with myriad experiences and skills all driven by one goal; let’s change the way how education is imparted in schools in India and even in the world.

We believe that education is far from the Victorian adage of preparing children to reach a defined station in life; from Grammar school to Eton and its extension in India by Macaulay from illiterate native to Clerks. The emphasis was on cramming and ability to do the three R’s (Read, Write and Arithmetic). Outcome of this process was that the ability to understand the concepts by experience, to discover learning through action and thus creating innovative and thinking learner was irreversibly lost when the child was closeted in a classroom in company of teachers who taught and did not facilitate learning.

Inspired by thinkers like Confucius and Sophocles, to modern day educators like Dewey, Montessori, Neil, Kolb and most importantly by educators like Sister. Hyancitha and PK Srinivasan (we have experienced their work and have seen the unfettered joy of learning in learners facilitated by them); we have set out on challenging and immensely satisfying task of bringing the change, in our own way.

The enterprise is led by Dinesh Gupta (CEO), a journalist by training but an educationist at heart and now deed. He started is journey in education industry as a cofounder in publishing house. Before starting his edupreneurial journey he worked in Tehelka. He is post graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Asian college of Journalism.
He is the one who balances the zeal and hard reality without losing the sight of the goal; a new and better way of learning for the future citizens of this country.

Neha Choudhary is our Chief Ideating Officer (CIO). Her pre-occupation and occupation every moment is about creating products, mechanism and methodology to make learning as part of life for learners, experiential and fun without sacrificing the all-important rigour.
Prior to Vikalp she was advising the Prime Minister’s Office as an editor in NTRO. She holds a master’s degree from JNU and a diploma in Entrepreneurship Program conducted by Indian School of Business under the aegis of Goldman Sachs.

Ravi Shankar, is our Chief Operating Officer with complete responsibility of Operations and Technology. He has worn many a hat from being a Principal Consultant (ITC Infotech), to being AVP and Operations head, in startups (Loylty Rewardz and Northern Hill Publication) to being a change manger in (Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative) to manager and trainer in new age industry, ITES (GE, WNS, IBM etc).
He is MBA from Xavier Institute management (Bhubaneswar) and BBA from University of Lincolnshire and Humberside.

Tanmay Sinha is our Marketing Brain who takes the good word and work to all our existing and potential users. He is an MBA and was working with NIFA, Northern Hill Publication before the change idea caught with him.

Vikram Rajput a young driven go getter, is our go to man in the office. A DU graduate with specialization in economics, has worked earlier with organizations like NIFA, Smart Prep and Career Launcher.

Raju Jain is our man Friday and production whiz with experience of 10 years in assembling and proto type development.

Sanjog Saran the maverick designer works closely with us and has created the aesthetic and wonderful designs of the products. He consults us on all aspects of Design. He runs Karmic Design.

Kishore Mendiratta is one who makes the difficult task of making complex designs into simple but attractive, functional and durable products out of eco-friendly material. With an ingrained knack for ergonomics, customer experience and usability he is the one who advises and works with us incessantly. He is part of Alfa packaging and a graduate from Delhi University.

Padmaja Shukla is B. Tech from IIT (BHU) with over ten years of experience in varied domains including education, loyalty, ecommerce, real estate and various other products and services. She has worked in various capacities in Infosys and BrickRed honing her skills particularly in dot Net, Data Base Management and Analytics. She owns Tech Kriti and advises us on technology related matters.