Vikalp – an experiential learning initiative

Vikalp is a social enterprise of researchers, professionals and social activists who have come together to integrate “learning by doing” with blackboard teaching. Endeavor is to find workable solution for classroom practices to make learning more meaningful and holistic. Our curriculum and school time table is integrated and we work with parents, teachers and students.

In a normal classroom situation, one teacher teaches around 30 to 60 students. A teacher alone cannot fulfill the diverse learning needs of numerous students. This gap in teaching-learning process can be addressed by adopting experiential learning in classroom. In this process students “learn by doing”. They are engaged in manipulation and in the process student discover knowledge.

Once students start understanding, pen and paper is introduced and they start application on the worksheets. Each activity and worksheets is assessed and a skill report is prepared. This is uploaded in VANES (Vikalp Assessment and Evaluation System) which evaluates and generates diagnostic report with future road map. The learning continues and assessment becomes an integral part of teaching-learning process.

People Say
“Recently few parents had to relocate to Mumbai and their greatest regret was their kids were going to miss Vikalp program. We keep getting similar opinion from parents. Now our school has become truly experiential learning school where “doing” is the only way to learn maths. The impact has been tremendous and we call upon any institution to come to our school and experience the execution and its impact. I would also like to thank Vikalp team for their 24X7 problem redressal mechanism which has seamlessly integrated experiential learning in our curriculum”

Sadhana Bhalla

Principal - Mira Model School
“The greatest impact has been on the student conceptual understanding. We conducted a survey in our 19 Carmel schools run by Apostolic Convent. This survey was conducted after 20 months of experiential learning. The result showed more than 50% improvement in each topic.”

Sr. M. Hyacintha A.C

Director - Carmel Teacher Center
“After two years of execution, there is a drastic improvement in the standard of mathematics teaching-learning in our chain of schools. Nevertheless, the improvement is so drastic that the weakness of other subjects are exposed. In order to overcome this, we are using Vikalp activities to teach life skills, Vikalp products to teach art and craft and Vikalp training to build the capacity of our teachers.”

B M Aggarwal

Director - Education Department, Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL)
“I have 2 children one in KG and the other one in Grade 2. I can say confidently that I don’t need to monitor there mathematics at home. They keep doing something mathematical always. Sometimes my husband is taken aback by their questions. Now my husband has started taking interest in their studies.”


Parent/Teacher - K. R. Manglam World School