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Engagment Calender
Introductry Session

Introductory Session:

Session by Academic trainer to Introduce Vikalp, Its tools and methodologies to the teachers (the key implementers) of the project. Focus on understanding of the concepts and the methodology to implement it in the classroom.

Chapter-wise training

Chapter-wise Training:

Chapter-wise discussion with teachers about teaching methodology and the use of TLMs. Detailed discussion on each and every topic.

Hand-holding Session:

Facilitate teachers towards better implementation of the Vikalp Program in the classroom. Resolve classroom management issues (if any) during implementation of activities.

Relationship Manager Visit:

Objective of this visit is to observe the implementation and do the troubleshooting. Role of the Relationship Manager is to solve operational problem and identify whether the school needs any academic help. Observation of each visit is duly recorded in Engagement Report.

Engagment Report_Engagment Calender