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Vikalp’s Alternate Learning Foundation is Not for Profit Organization, registered as Section 8 company. At the core of Vikalp is its commitment to impact learning outcomes of school-going-children through implementation of experiential learning. Education programs works with schools, teachers, and the community to impart quality education. We work closely with government, corporations, and local communities.

The goal of Vikalp is to provide quality education designed to supplement all features of RTE and UN Goals (is Goal 4 of 17 of SDG 2030, (announced in UN 2015)). Our intent is to develop a scalable and sustainable model that can be replicated on a large scale by the government, institutions and like-minded organizations.

Ongoing projects

Schools of Department of Education (Delhi Government)

Project     :      “Play Maths”

Sponsor    :      GE Foundaon

Area           :       Schools of Directorate of Educaon (DoE), Delhi Government.

Objective  :       In 17-18 there was 26% improvement in learning outcome.

Our experiential learning program is implemented in schools of Department of Education (Delhi Govt). Impact was phenomenal. Maths has become the favourite subject of most of students. Last year there was 26% improvement in learning outcome. In the current year focus is on capacity building of teachers so that they can carry forward this project on their own.

Karnataka Govt Schools

Project     :      “Experience the Experienal Learning Movement”

Sponsor    :      Navya Disha & Grameen Kota

Area           :      Schools of Tumakuru and Belagavi district of Karnataka

Objective  :      Shift from blackboard teaching to experimental learning in everyday teaching-learning practice. This movement is expected to enhance learning outcome and decrease absenteeism in schools.

Karnataka Govt Project has just started and is called “Experience the Experiential Learning Movement” This is implemented in Government schools of Tumakuru and Belagavi districts of Karnataka. Endeavour is makea shift from blackboard teaching to experiential learning in everyday teaching-learning practise. This movement is expected to enhance learning outcome and decrees absenteeism in schools.

Capacity Building

Teacher’s enrichment program empowers teachers to implement experiential learning inside classroom. Through our chapter wise training we take on-site training sessions on each concept, followed by handholding session in which our trainers and school teachers jointly take class. After the session there is discussion between the trainer and school teacher on what went wrong/right during the session. This helps a teacher to make a shift from instructor to facilitator.

Environmental consciousness

We prefer to use products which are eco-friendly and recyclable. The idea is to foster environment consciousness among children. Basic material used is recycled corrugated sheets. Same is used to manufacture cartoon boxes. Objective is to sensitize children towards reuse of cartoon boxes which is normally thrown after usage. It encourages children to change carton boxes and other waste materials lying at home into something useful.

Livelihood Creation

Un-skilled and semi-skilled women are employed by us to assemble the products, creating livelihood opportunities for them. We want the usage of the product to grow as much or to add more products so that we can create more opportunities for livelihoods. This again was a conscious decision despite the increased cost, time and effort; as we did not want to lose out on opportunity to bring livelihood to women and economically empower the mothers of our future generation.

What Motivates Us?

India is one of the largest and most complex education systems, with more than 260 million student enrollments. While near universalization of access has been achieved at the primary education (98% of India habitations have access to primary school within 9 Km radius), Attainment is still the most critical issue.

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