“Every student can learn, just not the same day, or the same way.”

“Every student can learn, just not the same day, or the same way.”

My sister’s name is Shubhra. She is 25 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She has spatial and speech problems which affects her understanding of math and other things.

She has learned basic algebra in mathematics such as addition, subtraction and multiplication, but in division she faces problems. She has memorized tables till twenty, but may not be able to recall the exact number in a table or its place in it at times. So in division she faces problem solving questions and feels confused about things such as to remember to subtract the smaller multiples from the larger multiple of a number.

And it is hard to explain things like prime numbers, and we are yet to introduce geometry in its elaborative framework to her. As for her learning, she seeks constant assurance to perform complex problems, she understands by constant practice, and sometimes makes the same mistakes again and again, for instance while solving equations with variables. She gets confused with LHS and RHS and the signs itself.

She can perform long multiplication problems very easily now, though on paper.

I have tried to explain her prime factorization and division through calculator also. She may not have understood the concept, but using that she can perform some calculations and prime factorization also. She even checks her own calculations using it. I have tried teaching her number line to teach her fractions, but explaining her theory, special functions or geometry is a bit complex.

She cannot recall everything at once, so I teach her method wise. I want to focus on her basic concepts of algebra, as well as make her relate math problems with her day to day activities through interesting games and objects.


 Sender’s Profile: Shrestha Chopra is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree. She is the younger sister of Shubra and also her Caregiver.

The story was developed by Vikalp from the anecdotes provided by Shrestha Chopra.