Vikalp Coursebook is a curriculum series envisioned to make mathematical concept, a practical experience for a child. It is based on experiential learning that inspires a child to look around and experience mathematics in his/her environment.

The design of the series is in accordance with the content listed by NCF for primary mathematics.

The series ranges from class Nursery to grade 5 (LEVEL A- 8) that links the knowledge gained at school by doing activities to daily life activities. Through this series, the child is experiencing all the topics through experiential learning with our products.

This series is supported by the following.
1. Facilitator’s Guide offers a pedagogical support in the form of activities. Each teacher manual supports experiential learning. The manual contains topic-wise activity which is performed through our tools. The workbook includes all the activities in a step by step manner to help the teacher demonstrate the activity in the classroom setting.
2. Student Coursebook offers worksheet support in accordance with the activities being demonstrated in the class. The workbook begins with a clearly well-defined worksheet that is a replica of the activity being demonstrated in the class to an increased difficulty level. The worksheet ensures that the children have a smooth transformation from the tool based learning to abstract understanding of mathematics.