1. Learning Apparatus

Concepts are introduced with hands-on apparatus. In the method, not only eyes and ears but the whole body of your child is involved in the learning process. Learn more…

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2. Facilitator Guide – Teacher’s Handbook

Learners reflect or think about the activities they have done. Facilitators help them to reflect in the right directions and relate their understanding to everyday life. Learn more…

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3. Learning Apps

This provides access to play and practice and have fun with maths anytime, anywhere. The app lets children practice mathematical concepts learnt at school, as a set of fun games. It is designed to work on the most basic-level smart phones, ONLINE and OFFLINE. Learn more…

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4. Coursebook

Play Maths, a series of mathematics coursebooks for the pre-primary and primary school children (Nursery to Class 5). This grade specific coursebooks caters to the learning needs of children of classes ranging from Nursery to Grade 5. Learn more…

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5. Assessment & Evaluation

Vikalp Assessment and Evaluation System (VANES) is in-house assessment engine for students of Nursery to Grade 5. It has two components Activity Assessment and Application Assessment.

Multiple scores in form of data is uploaded in VANES which provides insights & reports to help facilitator in diagnosing, remedying and creating further strategies and plans to enhance learning outcomes. Learn more…

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6. Training & Workshops

Vikalp organizes various workshops engaging all stakeholders involved in Children’s education.

  1. Introductory Workshop on Experiential Learning
  2. Parent Workshop
  3. Principal Workshop
  4. Student Workshop
  5. Teacher training and Workshop

Learn more…