Concepts are introduced with hands-on educational toys. Not only eyes or ears but whole body is involved in learning process. All the 5 sense organs are active and understanding concepts. Children discover knowledge while playing with them. As per Jean Piaget children are at concrete stage till 11 years. During this period children cannot think in abstract; they need something concrete to physically manipulate and understand.

Our products cater to this learning need of children. It can be played individually or in a group. Both has their own advantages. When children play alone, they can explore more while they are playing in a group, they have advantage of peer learning.

It is also used for setting up Center for Math Excellence or Math Lab in schools. Concepts are introduced during the lab/activity period and carried forward in their classroom in math period. In this way activity-based learning is integrated with normal school curriculum.

Eco friendly

Manufacturing process of products takes care of all 3 R’s of eco-friendly products.



    Usage of plastic is minimal. Even the plastic used is polypropylene (PP sheet) which is also recycled.


    Printing is done using soya-based ink so that it’s not harmful even if children try to eat or chew the products.


Basic material used is recycled corrugated sheets. Same is used to manufacture cartoon boxes. Objective is to sensitize children towards reuse of cartoon boxes which is normally thrown after usage. It encourages children to change carton boxes and other waste materials lying at home into something useful.