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Facilitator’s Guide is conceived by Sister Hyacintha A. C. It evolved after years of implementation in Carmel Convent School (Nagaland, India) and Mathialpet High school (Chennai, India). It was finalised and fine-tuned in Carmel Teacher Centre (Hazaribagh). All the research and findings were compiled and developed into Facilitator’s Guide by team of researchers working in field lead by  Neha Choudhary (Chief Idea Officer).

Grade wise Guide

Facilitator’s Guide is a series of handbook for parents/teachers for teaching children going to pre-primary and primary school (Nursery to Class 5). This grade specific handbook caters to the teaching needs of Facilitator teaching children of classes ranging from Nursery to Grade 5.


Lesson Plan elucidates step by step activities based on different concepts. Arduous effort has been made to keep the language simple and lucid. Each chapter of Facilitator’s Guide ends with Assessment Sheet where teacher/parent is supposed to note the activity grade of each child. This is important as the activity score is corelated with pen and paper work and diagnostic report is generated. This report highlights the strength and weakness of children. It also suggests remedial steps to overcome the weaknesses. Each chapter is divided into three difficulty level. If child is unable to cross any difficulty level, then h/she gets a ‘D”. Grades as per difficulty level are enumerated on the table in the right.

Features Table


This FREE App has class wise video lessons for facilitating Math activities of pre-primary and primary classes. It starts with learning objectives and goes step by step explaining the does and don’ts of each activity. This helps parents/teachers or students themselves to understand each step. It also explains how one step is related to another and what are the learning outcomes. It is designed to work on the most basic-level smartphones, ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Video Lessons for Pre-Primary (Nursey, LKG and UKG)

Video Lessons for Primary Classes (Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5))