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Concepts are best introduced using physical tools. But this can be given to limited number of children for limited number of hours. Vikalp’s new learning app provides access to play and practice and have fun with maths anytime, anywhere. The app lets children practice mathematical concepts learnt at school, as a set of fun games. It is designed to work on the most basic-level smart phones, ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Thus, most dreaded maths practice becomes fun activity. It reinforces the concepts taught in school. Playing games based on same topic at home helps children to retain the concepts. Forgetting concepts after long holidays becomes a bygone thing. Curiosity is triggered and children gets hooked to the games and keep playing and learning even during weekends and vacations.


  • It is designed to work on the most basic-level smart phones
  • There are no in-app purchases, up sells or advertisements
  • It works online and offline
  • It is completely free
  • It takes children in a journey from concrete to semi-concrete and semi-concrete to abstract
  • Video lessons – to introduce the concept
  • Practice Mode – to apply concepts learnt
  • Quiz Mode – to assess levels of learning



3 to 6 yrs

6 to 8 yrs

8 to 11 yrs



Go to Google Play store and search for
“Vikalp India” and install it


Get it on Google Play1


HELP someone else who needs a math
learning aid, download it on
their phone.

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