Activity Box for children of 29 to 32 months old


Activity Box for children of 29 to 32 months old


Curriculum based Math, English Language (Reading + Writing) & Life Skill.

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  • Introducing alphabets on Sandpaper Letters
  • Learns how to pronounce on Phonic Sound Cards & Magnetic Letters
  • Play and Learn on Alphabet Mat


  • Learns number order with Floor Disc

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Following two educators of Indian origin has contributed significantly in the conception of this idea:

  • P.K. Srinivasan – Fulbright Exchange teacher in USA. Later became Director Emeritus, Ramanujan Museum and Math Education Center (Chenni, India)
  • M. Hyacintha A.C – Director, Carmel Teacher Center, Hazaribagh, India



  • Invisible design of the products has been awarded by National institute of design (NID), Ahmedabad, India.
  • J-PAL, a research center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States established that Vikalp shows substantial gain in learning outcomes.
  • Vikalp has been featured twice in Outlook magazine for the impact it’s creating among students.



Assessment conducted by FSG- international NGO based in Washington DC.  Students subscribing to Vikalp methodology scored 61% higher than control students not subscribing to this way of learning.

Assessment conducted by Gray Matters – measures learning outcomes of children

  • Average scale score of sample where conventional teaching is practiced – 88 out of 200
    Average scale score after 1 year of implementation of Vikalp methodology – 105 out of 200

Assessment conducted by Lean data study by Acumen – New York based assessment agency

  • 80 % parents observed increase in their child’s score
  • 83% parent observed improvement in interest in math, ability to grasp concepts, willingness to do homework independently.