Addition and Subtraction pack


Number Cube , Opposite kit , Table kit , Number box , Number System , Abacus.


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“The Kit begins with pre-addition and subtraction concept, introduces plus and minus sign, takes a detour towards place value concept, on the way explains concept of “”carrying”” and “”borrowing”” return to addition and subtraction and further goes on till 4-digit operations. It contains 5 products namely: number cubes, opposite kit, number box, number system and abacus.

Number Cubes: In number cubes we extend ‘one more’ concept to ‘putting together’ and subsequently addition. Similarly, we extend ‘one less’ concept to ‘taking away’ and subsequently subtraction. This gradual progression leads to seamless understanding of concept. And children experience the concept of addition and subtraction.

Opposite kit: The two-faced counters are used in making different arrangements and collections of numbers. Grouping and regrouping of these counters explains addition and subtraction and relation between them.

Number box: Grouping sticks of number box helps children to understand how numbers are formed in base 10 concept. These understandings enable children to understand concept of ‘carrying’ while adding and ‘borrowing’ while subtracting.

Number system : Two rulers are made to slide over each other to explain addition as putting together of two numbers and subtraction as taking away of second number from first number. Playing with the ruler helps children to do variety of operations numerous times and hence enhances speed and accuracy.

Abacus: Conceptual clarity developed while playing with beads on abacus helps in comprehending addition and subtraction of large numbers including three and four-digits numbers. “