Urdu for Kids


Urdu for Kids is for:

  • Urdu Language Reading & Writing Course for Beginners & Intermediate Learners
  • Who wants to read Urdu Books, Novels, Sign Boards, and any Urdu Text
  • Living abroad but relatives in Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh
  • Whoever has passion of learning new languages

What you’ll learn

  • You will easily read Urdu books
  • You will write in Urdu Language
  • You will Pronounce all the alphabets correctly
  • Enhance Your Urdu Reading and Writing
  • Build Urdu Language Reading and Writing Skills


  • Enthusiasm to improve your Urdu Language skills
  • Self-Motivation


This is a complete Urdu reading and writing course for beginners and intermediate learners. After taking this course and doing the required practice the aspirant will start reading and writing Urdu language easily.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of The Course
  • Urdu Alphabets
  • Urdu Alphabet Sounds
  • Urdu Alphabets Behavior
  • Urdu Words Construction
  • Reading Urdu Text
  • Urdu Book for Practice

Urdu for Kids

History of Urdu Script

Urdu script has evolved from the Arabic script, which was introduced to the Indian subcontinent during the 7th century. During the 13th century, the Persian script was adopted, which later became known as the Nastaliq script. This script was used to write Urdu and other languages such as Persian and Punjabi. Today, the Urdu script is written from right to left and consists of 38 letters, including 18 consonants and 20 vowels.

Benefits of taking the Course

  • You will start reading and understanding the Urdu language alphabets from the first lesson.
  • You will completely understand the Urdu script books.
    After completion of the course, you will get the confidence to start reading and writing Urdu.
  • You will understand the Urdu language grammatically and it will help you a lot.
  • Without memorizing of the most common phrases, you will understand and speak them.