Computer Science for Beginners


Computer Science for Beginners (Grade 1 and 2) 

Experience top-notch interactive online classes in Computer science for Lower Primary (Grade 1 and 2) Computer lessons for grade 1 are given to students with proper personal guidance by our experts. Our curriculum is designed to introduce Computer Science in a fun and interactive way

Introduction To Computer For KidsCurriculum 

  • Introduction to computer
  • Uses of computer
  • Parts of computer
  • Keys on keyboard
  • Working with mouse
  • Introduction to Paint
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Monitor
  • Places where you can see the computer
  • Introduction to windows
  • Apps
  • Paint
  • Input devices
  • Working principles of a computer
  • Introduction to Logo
  • Introduction Word Pad
  • Computer Ethics


FAQs of Computer Science for Beginners 

What will my Child Learn in Computer Science Online Classes?

Online Computer Science is a computer for beginners. We’ll teach about basics of computers, programming concepts, computer ethics and more.

Are the Classes live or pre-recorded? 

Our online classes are live in-person clsses. Teacher-student ratio is very less. Facilitator can pay individual attention to each student. We’ll interact in our online classes with students to make them feel comfortable and friendly. 

Can parents monitor their child in online classes? 

Yes, We recommend parents to sit with their children in online computer science classes. It’ll help kids to have a support system and they feel more comfortable. 

How can I enrol my child in online classes?

Simply visit Vikalp website and look for the online course your child is interested in. Fill the registration form and after doing secure online payment, your child can start attending online classes.

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