Computer Science for Senior (Grade 9 and 10)


Syllabus for computer science classes    

Fundamental Concepts

Review of Photoshop

  • Opening & Saving
  • Scanning a Photograph
  • Adjusting Image Size
  • Selection Tools


Multimedia Authoring & Animation (Review of Flash & Introduction to Autodesk 3DMax)

Revie of Flash 

  • Using the Toolbar
  • About Layers
  • Types of Animation
  • Publishing the Movie

Introduction to Autodesk 3DMax

  • What is 3D?
  • 3D Basics:
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Object-orientation

Navigation and Display

  • Coordinate Systems & The Home Grid
  • Orthogonal vs. Perspective Views
  • Changing Views and Viewport Layout
  • Display Modes &Viewport Window Controls
  •  Custom Grids and Snaps Creating Objects & Selecting Objects. Parenting & Grouping objects.
  • Transforming Objects.


Adding styles to Webpages using CSS

Review of HTML

Adding Style Sheets

  • Setting the default style sheet language
  • Inline style information
  • Header style     information:     the     “STYLE”
  • Media types

External Style Sheets

  • Preferred and alternate style sheets
  • Specifying external style sheets CSS Properties-Border, box, font, margin CSS Classes




Syllabus of Computer Science for Senior 

Web Scripting JAVA Script

  • Creating Interact active Webpages Using JavaScript
  • Introduction and History of Java Script Objectives and Propertie
  • Variables & Operators
  • Variable constraints,
  • Types of Operators: logical, arithmetic, relational
  • Decision Making using if & Switch
  • Iteration – Loops
  • Window Object
  • Popup Boxes – alert, confirm etc


Database concepts of RDBMS

  • Basics of RDBMS
  • Purpose Data Models
  • Relational Model
  • Data Definition Language Creating Database and Tables Creating Views
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Data input, modify, display & deleting in tables Ordering & grouping
  • Operating with multiple tables Union
  • Join


Network Safety of Computer System

Network Safety

Social Networking Ethics

Network Security Tools and Services

  • Tools
  • LAN Management
  • MAN Management
  • WAN Management
  • PAN Management
  • VOIP

Cyber Security

  • need
  • Objectives


  • class 9 computer science syllabus
  • computer science syllabus class 10

What topics are covered in computer science class 9th-grade?

Our computer science lessons in class 9 include various topics, such as programming ideas and algorithms, to ensure a thorough curriculum comprehension.

 How do computer science class 10 help students learn?

Class 10 computer science programmes provide advanced insights into programming languages and data management, improving the learning experience and allowing for a more in-depth grasp of the curriculum.

Please provide me with the syllabus of computer science for class 9 that you cover in your classes.

Certainly! Our class 9 computer science curriculum incorporates core subjects such as Python programming and data administration, laying a solid basis for future learning.

 What sets your computer science class 10 apart from others?

Our computer science class 10 programmes are distinguished by a specialized curriculum covering advanced programming and algorithmic thinking, ensuring students are well-prepared.

 Are practical applications covered in class 9 computer science syllabus?

Absolutely! Practical applications in computer science classrooms in grade 9 reinforce theoretical topics and provide hands-on experience associated with the grade 9 syllabus.

 How do you approach the computer science syllabus class 10 in your online classes?

Our class 10 computer science lessons dive into the complexities of the curriculum. We emphasize advanced topics such as database administration and C++ programming to provide a comprehensive learning experience.                                    

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