Teach your child Counting/Early Learn/Early Math


Floor Disc, Disc Board, Number Cube, Advanced Dominoes, Hundred Board.

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“Counting is the most basic concept of numeracy. Children learn this by repeating the numbers said by their teachers or parents. Consequently, more than 50% children entering first grade is unable to pick out the correct number of objects corresponding to numbers from 10 to 20. This can be addressed if all the three different aspects of counting are first taught separately and then taken together.
Three aspects are – progression (number order), quantitative value and identification of numbers. While walking besides the floor discs children discover progression of numbers. Making different number on disc board helps children to understand the quantitative value of numbers. Number cubes enable children to recognise numbers. Once all three different concepts are understood separately, they are taken together in dominoes. Once children attain proficiency in numbers up to 20 its extended to 100 on hundred board.

Floor Disc: Discs are laid on the ground and children walk besides it and discover progression of numbers while walking step by step. Walking besides disc provides context enabling children to understand and relate sequence of numbers with everyday life.

Disc board: It helps children to understand that each number except zero represents a group of things. Correlating numbers with its quantities helps children to understand the quantitative value of numbers

Number Cube: Cubes representing numbers helps children to recognize numbers and their sequence.

Dominoes: Interesting activities has been developed wherein children has to match numbers to its quantitative value.

Hundred board: Pictorial representation of numbers on a board helps children to understand and remember position of numbers. If children learn counting by placing discs on the hundred board. The number sense would be developed enough to know the position of numbers. The mental image of numbers in rows of tens enhances speed and accuracy. “