Fun with Numbers / Types of Numbers / Number Operations


Inside the Box:
  • 30 Double face counters
  • Paper Base
  • Product Manual with activity.
Learning Outcome:
  • Counting, sorting, and classification
  • Concept of more or less
  • Counting in ascending and descending order
  • Conservation of numbers
  • Making a different arrangements of numbers.

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  • Age Group: 5 to 11 years
  • Double-faced counters of the opposite kit are used to explain the alternate properties of numbers like odd and even, prime and composite, etc.
  • The two-faced counters are used in making different arrangements and collections of numbers.
  • Grouping and regrouping of these counters explain mathematical operations and relation between them.
  • LEARNING OUTCOMES: Learn transition from repeated addition to multiplication and repeated subtraction to division. Activities with the counters of opposite kit enable children to understand division as equal grouping, repeated subtraction and the inverse of multiplication.
    REDUCE Usage of plastic is minimal. Even the plastic used is polypropylene (PP sheet) which is also recycled.
    RECYCLE Printing is done using soya-based ink so that it’s not harmful even if children try to eat or chew the products.
    REUSE Basic material used is recycled corrugated sheets. The same is used to manufacture carton boxes.
    The objective is to sensitize children towards the reuse of cartoon boxes which is normally thrown after usage. It encourages children to change carton boxes and other waste materials lying at home into something useful.