Grade Two Learning Kit


“100 board
Opposite kit
Table kit
Number system
Geo board
Cheeky chick
Attribute set
Give & take
Application Textbook”

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Vikalp India encourage mathematical tool for concept formation. These tools have been tried tested and experimented in Ramanujam centre for math’s (Chennai) and Carmel teaching centre (Hazaribagh) and our evolution is evolving continuously with SAIL and various schools across India. These tools help facilitator to fine-tune concepts during early age and the hands-on apparatus create an environment and culture of experiential learning eliminating rote Learning Method. This kit is specially designed for Grade two children of age group 7 years. Complex Number operation and spacial understanding & Advanced Measurements can be taught by using these products.

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10 products help standard two children to complete the syllabus. An important objective of this class is to prepare the child for multiplication and division. We start with addition; move to repeated addition; gradually multiplication is introduced

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