Math & Science Classes for Grade 7




  • Two days in a week
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Batch: 6 to 9 students


  • Discover concepts while doing activities
  • Project work after the class
  • Learning with everyday materials as follow-up assignment


  • Soil – Types, Profile, Suitability for Crops
  • Waste Water Management
  • Heat – Modes of Transfer
  • Fibre to Fabric – Animal Fibres
  • Electric Current and its Effect
  • Light – Image & Object
  • Acids, Bases & Salts: Physical & Chemical Changes
  • Weather, Climate & Adaptation
  • Transportation in Animals and Plants
  • Wind, Storms & Cyclones
  • Motion & Time
  • Science in Everyday Life- Integrated Science Textbook by Oxford University Press


  • Multiplication and Division of Fraction on the Cuisenaire strip
  • Multiplication and division and regrouping decimal numbers on Base 10 Block
  • Understands Algebraic expression and its terms on Algebraic Tiles
  • Discovers congruence of triangle and line segment on Angle Formation Kit
  • Area and Perimeter of rectangle, square and random shapes on Interlocking Cubes
  • Area of Circle on Mensuration Kit
  • Counting of Faces and Edges of 3D shapes on Geometric Shape Kit
  • NCERT Math Textbook
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Math & Science Classes for Class 7 is a 9-month Course. You can choose both Science & Math together or individually. You can browse through the topics of Class seven and make an apt selection. There is no lecture in these classes. Concepts are introduced using physical tools. Students do activities with these tools and discover concepts. Teachers do not instruct. They only facilitate the class in the manner so that students discover concepts.

This kind of teaching-learning can be a game changer for your child. It is observed that students start taking interest in these classes where they get opportunities to explore and learn on their own. Focus is not on learning theories or formulas. Emphasis is in the WHY. We don’t teach students to get the right answer, we teach them how to ask the right questions. Curiosity is triggered and your child is set on the path of a magical world of scientific exploration.



Is there anything interactive in the lessons?

Yes Our classes incorporate interactive exercises, quizzes, and group activities to engage students and encourage , learning.

What can parents do to keep track of their child’s participation and engagement? 

Parents receive regular attendance records and participation updates on their child, ensuring transparency and involvement in their child’s education.

Is there individualised help available for challenging students? 

Our teachers provide personalised help, addressing particular obstacles and ensuring that every student understands the topic.

What distinguishes your programme from other online maths and science classes? 

Our programme combines experienced teachers, dynamic learning, personalised attention, and a solid curriculum to ensure that Grade 7 students receive an extraordinary education.  

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