Math & Science Classes for Grade 8




  • Two days in a week
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Batch: 6 to 9 students


  • Discover concepts while doing activities
  • Project work after the class
  • Learning with everyday materials as follow-up assignment


  • Crop Production & Management
  • Microorganisms – Friend & Foe
  • Conservation of Wildlife
  • Solar Systems – Celestial Objects & Satellites
  • Synthetic Fibres & Plastics
  • Friction
  • Force, Pressure & Area
  • Sound Vibrations
  • Light & Reflections
  • Some Natural Phenomena (Static Electricity)
  • Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Science in everyday life – Book from Oxford University Press.


  • Understanding Algebraic expression and identities on Algebraic Identities Kit
  • Discovers how to factorize using identities on Algebraic Tiles
  • Learns Distributive property & Cubic Identities on Interlocking Cubes
  • Discovers how to find out Euler’s formula and view of 3D shapes on Geometric Shape Kit
  • Understand concept of graph, how to plot graph and its types on Coordinate Geoboard
  • Understands Polygon & Angle sum property on Angle Formation Kit
  • Discover the Area of trapezium, quadrilateral, rhombus on Mensuration Kit
  • Chances and probability in Data handling on Probability Kit
  • NCERT Math Book
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Math & Science Classes for Class 8 is a 9-month Course. You can choose both Science & Math together or individually. You can browse through the topics of Class eight and make an apt selection. There is no lecture in these classes. Concepts like probability, coordinate geometry, sound, light etc are introduced using physical tools. Students manipulte the tools and discover concepts. Teachers do not teach. They facilitate the class in the manner that students discover the concepts.

Curiosity is triggered and students starts exploring the concepts. This lays strong foundation of Math and Science. Teachers do not instruct in this Math & Science Classes. They only facilitate the class in the manner that students discover concepts. This leds to indepth understanding of concepts and lays strong foundation of Science and Mathematics. This kind of effortless learning makes learning fun and easy. After 6 month of this course, you can expect an unprecedented increase in the score of your child.

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