Math & Science Classes for Grade 9




  • Four days in a week
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Batch: 6 to 9 students


  • Discover concepts while doing activities
  • Project work after the class
  • Learning with everyday materials as follow-up assignment


  • Is Matter Around Us Pure?
  • Ionic Compound Formation
  • Structure of an Atom
  • The Fundamental Unit of Life – Cell
  • Work & Energy
  • Force & Laws of Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Sound – Frequency & Amplitude
  • NCERT Textbook for Science


  • Understand polynomial with Algebraic Tiles
  • Discover co-ordinate of a point on Coordinate Geo-board
  • Understand RHS congruence on Pythagoras Theorem Kit
  • Understand concept of lines and angles on Angle Formation Kit
  • Understanding Quadrilateral with Mensuration kit
  • Understand Cyclic quadrilateral and angle in circle using Tangent Geo-board
  • Discovering probability on Probability Kt
  • Surface area and volume of cube, cuboid and sphere on 3D Geometric Shapes and Talking stick
  • NCERT Textbook of Math
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Math & Science Classes for Class 9 is a 9-month Course. You can choose both Science & Math together or individually. You can check the topics in detail. Each topic is introduced using physical tools. Whether its concept of probability, gravitation or structure of atoms. Each concept is introduced using physical tools. Learning kits containing physical tools are sent to your doorstep. Your child has to do activities and discover concepts. Teachers will be there in the online classes to guide your child in this process of discovery. Your child will construct knowledge on their own at their pace. This leads to in-depth  understanding of concepts. It starts showing in marks earned in various examinations. After 6 months, you will notice major improvements in your child’s score. This is confirmed by third party surveys done by international agencies. Eventually your child will perform his/her best in Board and Competitive Examination.

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