Pre-School Montessori Equipment.


Educational Toys

1, Pink tower- Maria Montessori concept for sensorial development.

2, Alphabet & Number Mat- Must have for Gross Motor Development, and learning Alphabet & Number.

3, Pre-Writing Board with Marker- For fine motor skill in order to introduce writing.

4, Pattern- Writing Board Number with Marker- Writing aid for numbers.

5, Pattern Writing Board Alphabets English with Marker -Writing aids for Alphabets.

6, Body Parts – Teach Body parts.

7, Attribute Set- For teaching colours and basic shape.

8, Lacing Elephant – Fine motor development.

9, Magnetic Letter Alphabet – Blending and segmentation of words.

10, Number Cube- Teaching Counting Identification.

11, Elementary Dominos- Sorting& Matching.

12, Advanced Dominos- Sorting & matching.

13, Number and Alphabet sandpaper – Sensorial development for pre-writing exercises.



Two  set of 13 Educational toys will help you create a Pre-school

Online training session (thrice) in order to train teachers for implementation.