Shape pack


Attribute set, Tangram, Tile Kit, Geo Board


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Playing with shapes helps children in developing spatial understanding. It contains 4 products namely: Attribute set, Tangram, Geo board and Tile kit.
Attribute set
The concrete shapes of different colour and size adds meaning to a child’s understanding. They can feel, experience and relate shapes and spatial understanding to their everyday life.
Children can use tangram pieces to play and learn about shapes in different orientation. It you tilt a rectangle a part of it looks like triangle. One can make a rectangle by putting two triangles together.
Geo Board
Get to discover area and perimeter of square & rectangle. They also learn to represent the transformation of a shapes i.e. translation, rotation, reflection. Different activities with beads helps children to understand the concept of direction. Plotting of graphs on Geo bard makes learning fun and enriching.
Tile Kit
It helps the students to consistently able to compose and decompose shapes to make complex figures. Children enjoy making tessellation using concrete pieces of tile kit. Children can make hundreds or floor designs or rangoli by joining various shapes together keeping in mind that no shape should overlap, and all the vertices are same.