Teaching Counting – Second Stage


Inside The Box:
  • Paper board with 20 cavities
  • 5 Red, blue, green, and yellow counters.
  • Product Manual containing lesson plan for conducting activities
Learning Outcome:
  • Enhances concentration
  • Learns to identify colors
  • Discovers patterns of a given fixed number.
  • Learns quantitative value of numbers 1 to 20
  • Understands the concept of zero
  • Discovers component parts of numbers,
  • Introduced to commutative aspects of addition.



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  • Playing with discs explains the associative property of numbers i.e. fourness of four or fiveness of five. It helps children to understand that each number except zero represents a group of things. Correlating numbers with its quantities helps children to understand the quantitative value of numbers. Four means four pencils/chocolates/erasers etc. Making different combinations of numbers helps in understanding the commutative aspect of addition. 5 is made of 5 + 0 = 5, 4 + 1 = 5, 3 + 2 = 5, 2 + 3 = 5, 1 + 4 = 5, and 0 + 5 = 5.
  • Features & characteristics of this specialty product?PRODUCT EVOLUTIONInspired by educationists like late P. K Shrinivasan and Sr. M Hyacintha A. C. These change agents lead a crusade of shorts against the debilitating idea of rote learning techniques and drill. It is designed by toy designers and game develops of NIFT and NID whose path breaking work in field of invisible design has reached new heights.


    Products are colourful and child friendly. Colour used are bright and is not used all over. It’s in places where children need to focus. Attempt is to make play more interesting.


    Child safety is our first priority. All the edges of products are round. Material which can hurt children are avoided. Even if a child does some mishandling or hit each other it will not hurt the child. Any type of popularly used alcohol-based ink is avoided. Soya based ink of SAKATA INX has been used so that it’s not harmful in case a child tries to chew the product


  • Manufacturing process of products takes care of all 3 R’s of eco-friendly products – reduce, recycle and reuse.