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Development you can observe in your child:

Online School for Class 6 will help your child to attain and excel in age appropriate learning levels in following areas: –


Here’s what your child will get:

Your child will first experience the concept via PHYGITAL solution where best of physical and digital is combined. This includes:

3 Month Subscription

Physical products:
1 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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6 Month Subscription

Physical products:
2 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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9 Month Subscription

Physical Product :
3 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Individualised attention during live online classes

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  • Finds out about types of people and their lifestyle.
  • Becomes familiar with different ages and early societies.
  • Finds out about humans being colonized and appearance of farmers and herder group.
  • Observes development of first cities and formation of states.
  • Observes gradual development of empires, towns and villages.
  • Finds out about Political, cultural development in the societies.
  • Find out about usage of science back then.
  • Discovers sources & components of food, and different food habits of living organisms.
  • Identifies materials, the interaction between them, and their day-to-day usage. (Knows things around us and classifies them.
  • Exploring animals and plants and their forms, functions, and habitat
  • Discovers the function, usage, and significance of electricity and magnets.
  • Finds out about natural disasters (Rain, thunder, and lightning).
  • Learns the concept of light, shadow & reflection including identifying transparent, translucent, and opaque objects.
  • Knows about Natural Resources: Importance of Air, Water, Waste Management etc.
  • Solves daily mathematical problems easily.
  • Identifies different geo perimeter of the different shapes.
  • Identifies symmetry in objects and in surroundings.
  • Identifies the pattern in a series of numbers.
  • Identifies different angles, triangular, and 3-D shapes.
  • Identify the variables and solve problems by using them.
  • Draws angles, perpendicular bisector, and constructs circle.
  • Applies HCF and LCM in daily life situations.
  • Identifies and compares different integers.
  • Learns tally marks collects information and prepares data.
  • Compares quantities using ratio and checks its proportionality.
  • Learns and compares decimals.


  • Learns about nouns and its types.
  • Learns to replace nouns with pronouns.
  • Finds out verbs from sentences.
  • Recognises adverbs and adjectives from sentences.
  • Learns to use correct form of verbs with sentences.
  • Recognises the difference between sentence and phrases.
  • Learns to make reported speech.
  • Learn to frame question.
  • Finds out prepositions, conjunctions & punctuations from the sentences.


  • Knows to fill gap in sentences with correct words.
  • Learns to complete dialogue.
  • Reorders sentences.
  • Learns to find omitted word.
  • Transforms sentences


  • Finds out difference between formal and informal letters.
  • Writes notices and messages.
  • Becomes capable of debating on any topic in formal manner.
  • Learns speech and article writing.
  • Learns to write story about hypothetical scenario.

Why it is a speciality product

Evolved over the years

Methodology has gone through following five stages:-

  • Development
  • Validation
  • Productization
  • Usability Test
  • Refinement
  • Continuous Evolution

Child friendly

Edges are round. Material which can hurt is avoided. It’s not harmful even if a child tries to chew the product as soya-based ink of SATAKA INK has been used for printing.

Reduce:Reduce: Usage of plastic is minimal. Small amount of recyclable PP sheets has been used.

Recycle:Corrugated sheets & Soya-based ink is used so that materials can be recycled.


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Vikalp Online Classes for Class 6: Quality Education from Home

Our online tuition for Class 6 are meticulously designed to align with the principles of the New Education Policy 2020. Our primary goal is to ensure that young learners receive top-notch education while staying connected through our online sessions for Class 6 . These virtual lessons are thoughtfully crafted to align with the Class 6 syllabus, following the National Curriculum Framework endorsed by esteemed educational boards in India.

Our dedicated instructors conduct engaging live online classes for Class 6 students, meticulously following Grade 6 curriculum lesson plans. This Distance Learning program for Grade 6 not only complies with Class 6 NCF guidelines but also serves as an exemplary choice for students in this age group, offering them a fully experiential and well-suited approach to homeschooling.

Interactive Learning with a Variety of Tools

In our E-Learning Class 6 Course, designed to enhance the educational experience for Class 6 online students, we go beyond traditional online classes. Instead, we provide a comprehensive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of Class 6 learners.

Within this program, students don’t rely solely on video content; instead, they actively engage with various innovative learning tools tailored for Class 6 online education. These tools, such as Cuisenaire Strip, Algebraic Strip, Electric Circuit, Fun with Magnets, are thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that Class 6 online classes become an interactive and enriching experience for young learners.

Application through Coursebooks, Readers, and Workbooks

As students’ progress in their Class 6 online education journey, they gradually transition to a balanced approach, combining hands on learning with traditional pen-and-paper learning experiences. This approach allows them to apply their knowledge effectively.

Students are encouraged to apply their online knowledge through a variety of oral and written exercises thoughtfully integrated into coursebooks, readers, and workbooks provided to them. These materials ensure that Class 6 online students develop a well-rounded foundation by combining the benefits of online – and offline learning methods.

Enhanced Reading and Comprehension

A standout feature of our E-Learning online study for Class 6 CBSE is our focus on enhanced reading and comprehension skills. We emphasize on reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical thinking. Through this approach, students significantly enhance their reading skills, which are essential for academic success and beyond.

Impressive Enrollment Numbers

With a significant enrollment of students in our online learning program for Grade 6 CBSE, we have received widespread acclaim for homeschooling and distance learning. The results have been remarkable, with students demonstrating significant improvements in their learning and overall understanding. Join our online classes for Class 6 CBSE students today to provide your child with an exceptional educational experience from the comfort of your home.

Impact on Child

Online learning for Grade 6 students is based on New Education Policy 202O. The syllabus of Class 6 Online class is based on National Curriculum Framework followed by the National Education Boards in India – CBSE, CISCE and NIOS. Teacher conducts live interactive online classes based on the lesson plans of the Grade 6 Curriculum. This Distance Learning for Grade 6 is arguably the best learning program for 11-year-olds as it is completely experiential and suitable for home schooling.

Activity with Learning Tools

In this E-Learning Class 6 Course students are not dependent only on video content. Teacher uses a whole range of learning tools. In this virtual online class, students play with learning tools and discover concepts. Whole range of learning tools like Cuisenaire Strip, Algebraic Strip, Electric Circuit, Fun with Magnets etc are shipped to student’s homes.

Application on Coursebook, Reader and Workbook

Once understanding is developed, pen and paper is introduced. Students apply what they have understood. Students do a lot of oral and written exercises on Coursebook, Reader and Workbook are shipped to their home.

Over 1.85 Lakh Students Enrolled

This online learning program for Grade 6 has been an excellent choice for home schooling or distance learning, with over 1.85 lakh students enrolled. The impact has been phenomenal, with students showing significant improvement in their learning and understanding. Click to know more.