Montessori Preschool recommend for 2-3 yrs

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Development you can observe in your child:

This subscription will help your child to attain and excel in age appropriate learning levels in following areas: –


Here’s what your child will get:

Your child will first experience the concept via PHYGITAL solution where best of physical and digital is combined. This includes:

3 Month Subscription

Physical Product :
1 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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6 Month Subscription

Physical products:
2 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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9 Month Subscription

Physical products:
3 DIY Activity kit
Facilitators Guide for parents
Workbook for children
Activity schedule

Digital Product:
Parent app
Mobile games

Individualised attention during live online classes

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well Being

  • Recognises parts of their own body
  • Gross Motar – walking, jumping & running
  • Fine Motar -scribbling, threading, colouring
  • Participates in inactivities

Explore & know the world around

  • Dev of sense of soft/rough
  • Identifies common objects
  • Recalls 2-3 objects seen at a time
  • Can find a missing part of a picture.
  • Match numbers with 3-4 objects
  • Compare Objects based on common
  • Number of body Parts
  • Solves Problems with adults
  • Express curiosity & ask questions
  • Count 4-5 objects to know its value
  • Forwarding counting up to 9
  • Singing & writing numbers
  • Identifies patterns while clapping
  • / greater or smaller upto 5
  • Recognises basic 2D Shapes
  • Interest in books/posters with big fonts
  • Listens & Repeat familiar word
  • Identifies sounds e.g. bird chirping,raining
  • Repeat familiar words
  • choose books and tries to make sense
  • Can read rapper of favourite toffee/biscuit
  • Makes sounds for play
  • Express by reciting poems with actions
  • Express by drawing lines, scribbling
  • Familer with letter name & sounds.

Checklist of Math & Life Skills Development

Unlocking the full potential of your child by focusing on three distinct but interrelated domains: physical, socio-emotional and mental. The list below highlights how age appropriate subscription helps your child. At the age of 5, your child’s level of learning development should attain the following milestones:-

Spatial Understanding

Levels of Learning Development

A child should be able to identify four basic colors (red, green, yellow and blue). They should be able to stack or group them accordingly.

How does Vikalp help

Instead of pictures, colours are introduced using concrete pieces inside activity box. Children play and discover colours. Once basic understanding is developed, their learning is applied in doing interesting colouring activities on colour pad.

Spetial Understanding

Number Sense

Levels of Learning Development

Able to learn number order by relating it with progression in things. Identifies numbers upto 10, learns how to write and understands their quantitative value.

How does Vikalp help

Progression, identification and quantitative value of numbers are treated separately.
• First children discover progression while walking.
• Learn to identify numbers while playing withcubes.
• Discovers quantitative value by making numbers.

Later all the above three concepts are taken together in group activities. This step by step scientific method lays a strong foundation of number sense.

Number sense

Logical Thinking, Problem Solving

Levels of Learning Development

At this stage the children’s mental development is at a budding state. It is limited to repeating copying the adults in order solve any problem.Follows instruction with 2 or 3 steps. Plays make-believe with dolls, animals, and people.

How does Vikalp help

Interesting activities are devised where children learn by imitating others. When others point towards numbers and say, children keep repeating them. Gradually they start identifying numbers and able to put cubes on their right place.

Logical Thinking

Attention Span

Levels of Learning Development

Child’s attention span is very little. They can concentrate on an activity from 5 to 10 minutes, given that the activity interests them.

How does Vikalp help

Learning needs attention. And it’s very limited in children. In order to address this challenge, we use interesting colorful objects to introduce concept. After some time when children get bored, they can start playing games on parents mobile. Thus, we are able to make the best use of limited attention span and sometimes, we are able to extend it to 15 minutes.

Attention Spam

Participation skills

Levels of Learning Development

Children lack participation skills since their behaviour is very much limited by their self-centered consciousness.
Wants to play with other children and toys.
Takes turns while playing games.

How does Vikalp help

Since the child lacks social skills at this age, the activities are designed to help them initiate into group activities. Activities are designed to make children count and repeat in groups

Participation Skill


Levels of Learning Development

Able to make eye contact. Imitating adults/friends and their activities.
Not able to speak clearly. Kids express themselves in few words.

How does Vikalp help

Instead of writing alone, children sing and write numbers together with others. At age of 2 or 3 children are not good at following instructions. But they can imitate others. Consequently, learning to write while singing group song in rhythmic pattern makes it interesting and easy.


Gross Motor Skills

Levels of Learning Development

The child should be able to walk and run without stumbling and kick a ball without losing balance.
Walks up and down stairs, one foot on each step.

How does Vikalp help

Interesting activities which includes walking and jumping besides discs are devised for achieving required gross motor development.

Gross Motors

Fine Motor Skills

Levels of Learning Development

Can hold crayon and colour shapes.
Builds towers of more than 4 blocks. Can fasten and unfasten large buttons.
Grab things using a full hand grasp

How does Vikalp help

While inserting discs in their respective place children learn to grasp things. Adjusting discs while inserting is quite enjoyable for children. Repetition of this activities helps in development of fine motor skills which remains with them all through their life.

Fine Motor Skills image 08 1

Why it is a speciality product

Evolved over the years

Methodology has gone through following five stages:-

  • Development
  • Validation
  • Productization
  • Usability Test
  • Refinement
  • Continuous Evolution

Child friendly

Edges are round. Material which can hurt is avoided. It’s not harmful even if a child tries to chew the product as soya-based ink of SATAKA INK has been used for printing.

Reduce:Reduce: Usage of plastic is minimal. Small amount of recyclable PP sheets has been used.

Recycle:Corrugated sheets & Soya-based ink is used so that materials can be recycled.


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Discover the Excellence of Online Nursery Classes

Are you ready to embark on an exciting educational journey for your little ones? Look no further then Vikalp online classes for nursery! Our cutting-edge online nursery classes are tailored to provide the perfect platform for your child’s early learning and development. Embracing the principles of the New Education Policy 2020, we bring you a holistic approach to nursery education that combines innovation, interaction, and engagement.

Nursery Online Classes – Where Learning Knows No Boundaries

Our online nursery classes redefine education in the digital age. Aligned with the National Curriculum Framework and endorsed by major Indian education boards including CBSE, CISCE, and NIOS, our curriculum ensures that your child receives an education that’s on par with the best in the country. With live interactive sessions, our skilled educators bring lessons to life, fostering an enriching and immersive learning experience for your child.

Learning Beyond the Screen: Activity with Learning Tools

At Vikalp, we believe in experiential learning. Our virtual online classes go beyond videos and screens, as our students actively engage with a diverse range of learning tools like Pink Tower, Alphabet Mat, Floor MatThese tools allow them to explore and grasp concepts through hands-on experiences, creating a strong foundation for future learning.

Mobile App for Practice and Reinforcement – Learning on the Go

Learning doesn’t stop when the online class ends. Our dedicated mobile app offers an interactive platform where your child can practice and reinforce what they’ve learned. With engaging exercises and games, your child can retain and apply their newfound knowledge, ensuring a seamless connection between classroom and home learning.

Putting Knowledge to Paper

Once understanding is nurtured, it’s time to apply it. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates pen-and-paper learning into the mix. Online classes for nursery students receive carefully curated Coursebooks, Readers, and Workbooks right at their doorstep. These resources empower your child to undertake a variety of oral and written exercises, honing their skills and boosting their confidence.

Writing made Easy: Writing tools

Children are not supposed to start writing in a notebook. They start writing on a pre-writing board. Children learn to hold a pencil in a tripod grip where the thumb, index and middle finger work together to hold the pencil securely. Gradually children learn to apply proper grip and pressure required to make strokes.

Empowering Reading: Phonics-Based Reading Approach

Reading is a gateway to a world of knowledge. Our nursery program incorporates a unique Phonics-Based Reading approach. With a special focus on speech and pronunciation, your child will develop essential reading skills effortlessly. From letter names to sounds, this approach makes the reading journey both enjoyable and effective.

A Resounding Success: Over 2.1 Lakh Students Enrolled

The numbers speak for themselves. Our online nursery classes have earned the trust of over 2.1 lakh students and counting. Our home-schooling online program lays the groundwork for strong numeracy and literacy skills during those crucial early learning years.

Enroll your child today at the best school for nursery and witness the transformative impact of our online nursery classes. Together, let’s pave the way for a bright and successful future!


The most unique feature of Preschool for Nursery is Phonics Based Reading. There is a special emphasis on the speech and pronunciation. Students get familiar with letter names and sounds.


In the Preschool for Nursery for 2-year old children special emphasis is on holding a pen or pencil in a tripod grip where the thumb, index and middle finger work together to hold the writing instrument securely. Young children may first begin to develop this skill through pencil grip, and later with a pre-writing board. This helps in development of grip, pressure, pressure and strokes required for writing. These learning tools are shipped to student’s homes.


In this E-Learning Nursery Course the teacher uses a whole range of learning tools. In this virtual online class children discover concepts while playing. Whole range of learning materials and Montessori equipment like Pink Tower, Number Mat etc. are shipped to student’s homes. Learning continues in mobile APP where children practice what they have learned. After doing activities with physical tools, children play corresponding games on the learning APP. Thus, concepts get reinforced and children are able to retain what they have learned.


Once understanding is developed, pen and paper is introduced. Students apply what they have understood. Students do a lot of oral and written exercises on a workbook shipped to their home.

 2.1 Lakh Students

This online learning program for Nursery has been an excellent choice for home schooling or distance learning, with over 2.1 lakh students enrolled. It lays a strong foundation of numeracy and literacy. Measurable impact of Preschool for Nursery can be seen in the impact surveys conducted by international agencies. Click to know more.