According to a recent MIT study, massive open online courses (MOOCs) are just as effective as what has traditionally been taught in a classroom or a lecture hall. There’s a renaissance occurring in higher education right now, and it’s being led by students who would want to take control of their education, set their own schedules, and gain invaluable experience through experiential learning.

Online school in India started during the pandemic. Nonetheless, there is one exception – Vikalp Online School. This existed since 2015. This is the only school which started in the pre pandemic era. Their scale of operation was small. They grew multiple times during pandemic period.

Since they have some 7 years of experience, they can differentiate between Physical and Online School. Over the years, they have understood that understood that Online school cannot be a copy of Physical school. Teachers cannot teach using blackboard or PPTs. This is the reason Vikalp Online school teaches using learning tools and APPs.

In traditional school there are around 50 children in the class. Each child has different way of learning. Even the best teacher has single style of teaching. The style of teaching of the teacher may or may not match with the way of learning of a child. This mismatch leads to learning gap.

This can be addressed in home schooling where parent and teacher can pay individual attention to students. You can opt for Vikalp Online School which can assist your child in learning. In this Online School concepts are introduced using learning toys. Children play and discover concepts on their own at their own pace. This learning becomes fun and easy. And the best part, they  also provide matriculation certificate from government.

We issue Grade Completion Certificate and  Assassments Reports. We also issue a Transfer Certificate on request.

Vikalp Online School is Accredited by NIOS.

Vikalp follows CCE pattern Assassment. Generally, tests in schools are conducted to give marks and highlight weakness of children. Objective of Vikalp assessment is twofold. These are “assessment for learning” and “assessment of learning”. “Assessment for learning” is to gauze a student’s performance while he/she is learning. This is done through observing & analysing the activities children are doing for learning. Thus, a child’s process of learning is recorded in form of activity score. “Assessment of learning” is pen and paper test which is conducted once the learning process is over. This is recorded in form of Application score. Both Activity & Application score is analysed and a diagnostic report highlighting strength and weakness of a child is generated.

Vikalp Online School is available  for kids of Nur. to  Grade 10.

Appropriate level can be chosen based on two criteria – Child’s Age & Learning Level
Child’s Age

  • If your child is of 2 or 3 years, you can select Level A.
  • If your child is of 3 or 4 years, you can select Level B.
  • If your child is of 4 or 5 years, you can select Level C.
  • If your child is of 5 or 6 years, you can select Level 1.
  • If your child is of 6 or 7 years, you can select Level 2.
  • If your child is of 7 or 8 years, you can select Level 3.

Childs’s Learning Level
But only age cannot determine the appropriate level. Parent has to check the learning level of his/her child.

If you child is starting to learn and crossed 2 years of age, select Level A (Nursery).


If the Learning Outcomes of your child has attained following levels, select Level B (LKG).


Life Skills

Can concentrate on an activity for 5 minutes

Recalls 2-3 objects seen at a time


Able to read letters A to Z

Can read rapper of favourite toffee/biscuit


Can draw lines.


Able to pick up 2 or 3 sticks from stack of 5

Aware of number of body parts


If the Learning Outcomes of your child has attained following levels, select Level C (UKG). If the Learning Outcomes of your child has attained following levels, select Level 1 (Grade1).


Life Skills

Can concentrate on an activity for10 minutes

Recalls 3-4 objects seen at a time


Aware of direction of print – left to write

Print awareness – recognise text of their own name


Threading & lacing

Can write number up to 9


Able to pick up 4 or 5 sticks from stack of 10

More or less/greater or smaller up to 10


Life Skills

Can concentrate on an activity for 15 to 20 minutes

Recalls 3-5 objects seen at a time


Read Story books with pics

Recites poems with right intonation


Developed tripod grip for drawing & writing

Can write their own name


Able to pick up 12 or 17 sticks from stack of 20

Recognise square, rectangle, circle & triangle


If the Learning Outcomes of your child has attained following levels, select Level 2 (Grade 2) If the Learning Outcomes of your child has attained following levels, select Level 3 (Grade 3).
Life Skills

Can concentrate on an activity for 25 to 30 minutes

Recalls 3-4 objects seen at a time


Talks about stories in their own language

Identifies rhyming words and make new words


Fine Motor – Grips pencil correctly

Labels pictures (self-drawn or other)


Know the place of numbers say 78 or 91

Add & subtract up to 10


Life Skills

Can concentrate on an activity for 40-45 minutes

Recalls 6 objects seen at a time


Reads, understand & write about events/character in a story

Extends story using imagination


Precision in fine motor- appropriate pressure while writing

Write using appropriate word, sentence & sound


Compare shapes based on properties

Inverse relation between ‘+’ and ‘-‘


It’s easy!! In order to subscribe you need to make the payment and submit the admission form. In order to make online payment you have to follow following process: –

You can click on the KNOW MORE button on subscription page. This will take you to the product page. Check every detail of the product and click on ADD TO CART button. Next click VIEW CART. This will take you to cart page. Check for product name and pricing. If everything is okay click PROCCED TO CHECKOUT. This will take you to check out page. Fill all your details and click on the PLACE ORDER button. Your order is complete. Wait for a confirmation mail in your email id.

Vikalp Online School is an Activity Based Online School. Kids learn by doing or exploring the concept on a Educational toy/STEM toy,

which is sent to your home. Its a known fact that Activity Based Learning works best for Kids with disability as they are able to form a clearer mental images of abstract concept.

It completes the syllabus. All the concepts of English, Math and Life Skills are dealt in detail. Interestingly, it completes the syllabus using activity-based-method. This is absolutely necessary in Online School as old lecture-based-method doesn’t work for Online School. If teacher starts explaining concepts online children lose interest. Therefore, physical products are shipped to your home. Children do activities during Online Class and discover concepts.

It is effective because it has advantages of both online and offline school.

Advantage of online school

Pace of the course is according to the learner. Learning Manger cannot proceed to the next topic until the current topic is complete. Child can ask number of times without any fear. Consequently, learner gets personal attention which is not possible in a physical school where 50 students are studying together in a class.

Advantage of offline school

When a teacher is physically present, he/she can explain better. Its not effective when this explanation is accessed online. This disadvantage is converted into advantage in Vikalp system. Learning Manager doesn’t need to explain anything on blackboard. He/she need to just facilitate the activities which a child is doing with the physical tools. Children discover concepts on their own while doing activities. All kind of learners (visual, auditory & kinaesthetic) learns better in this process. Learning Manger is just a guide. In this guided learning approach, children learns on their own.

If at all you feel that Vikalp isn’t working out for your child. Discuss the issue with the Relationship Manger. There could be some misunderstanding. In case you are still not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription and claim refund as below:-

Vikalp Refund Policy allows refund except for admission fee of Rs. 2500 and 3% transaction fees of  of Student Fee on prorate basis, for unused products and classes, – during the tenure of the program enrolled by the student. Course is divided into quarters. You can cancel the unshipped products and future classes of subsequent quarters. (For example – If the students enrolled for a 9 months program (3 quarters) on 1st of January.  If the student applies for refund, then the Company shall refund for the unused products and services of subsequent quarters. This refund should be claimed by the student within 30 days of buying the subscription which in this case is 31st January.)

However, please note that the Company will not refund for already shipped products and classes scheduled for current quarter. The Company shall not be liable for any refund, if the student does not attend the allotted classes within the stipulated tenure and does not claim for refund within the said tenure.