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Requirements of Math and Science Classes

  • One should be familiar with Numbers
  • Should be familiar with Math & Science Concept till Grade 5
  • Determination towards practicing mathematics



  • Concepts are introduced using learning apparatus. Children first do activities, discover the concept then start knowing about the theories behind it.
  • The concept maybe Trigonometry of Math or Pascals law of Physics, any concept will start with manipulating learning apparatus.
  • Once students starts understanding then pen and paper is introduced.
  • Teacher acts as a facilitator and they guide the students to do activities.



We are confident that this course will provide a strong foundation for students and those planning to take competitive exams or to study higher Mathematics and Science.

  • This course has been designed to explain the fundamentals of mathematics and science and relate it with everyday life.
  • The students are also provided and encouraged to solve quizzes.
  • This course structure is designed by keeping in mind the students who are not well-versed in the basics of math and science.
  • The emphasis of the course is on learning Mathematics and Science through understanding and practice problems.


Who this course is for:

  • This course has been designed for students from any board.
  • Students who want to learn brief explanations of each chapter within a short span of time
  • Anyone who is preparing for competitive exams and is required to brush up on their fundamentals
  • Anyone who wants to brush up on their mathematical & science fundamentals
  • Those who struggle to understand various mathematical & science concepts