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Experiential Learning during school hours.

Guaranteed increase of more than 10% score among 80% students

In this model the experiential learning is integrated with the school curriculum and an integrated mathematics curriculum is developed. Math Excellence Centre (MAC) is set up in schools. Teachers are trained to act as facilitators and students start learning by doing activities during school hours. Weekly two consecutive periods are allocated for maths activity. Rest of the math period is spent on doing exercises on books. Surprisingly this helps teachers in completing the syllabus faster.

Deliverables and Cost

Stakeholder Deliverables Cost
Student Textbook connected to mobile games for each student Annual per child
cost is Rs. 750/-
Teacher Math Excellence centre (MAC)
School Diagnostic report and parenting sessions.
Parent Deliverables

Experiential learning in after-school hours.

Stakeholder Advantage Cost
Student Starts enjoying and scoring high in Math Revenue sharing with school
Teacher Professional upgrading during teacher sessions
School Increase in admissions & additional source of revenue
Parent Aware with latest techniques of parenting

In this model learning is beyond regular maths period in school. Classes are conducted in after-school-hours. Two-hour class in after school hours. These classes are conducted in Math Excellence centre (MAC) set-up inside existing schools. This is an accelerator program which starts with concepts already known to children. Gradually children start learning new concepts much ahead of their regular Maths period in school.



Intergrated learning solution where learning aids,apps, textbook & assesment is connected

The methodology remains the same in above two delivery models. Students discover concept while doing activities in Maths Excellence centre (MAC). Once fundamentals are understood they watch video lessons and play games in their parents mobile. In school they apply their understanding on course books. Both activity and application are assessed, and diagnostic report is generated. Strength and weakness can be identified, and remedial plan be chalked out.