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Are you looking for best Online Primary School for your child? We do offer virtual primary school where online classes for Class 1 to 5 are conducted regularly. Your child will attend live Online Interactive Classes. Unlike other learning platforms, the method of teaching is not “chalk and talk”. Teaching is not limited to showing videos, PPTs and other online content.


Process of Online Learning Classes from 1 to 5:

  • In this online learning platform concepts are introduced using physical tools.
  • Learning continues in the mobile APP where students practice what they have learned.
  • Once students start understanding then pen and paper is introduced


Your child will learn in the environment of do and learn. Your child will be able to internalise the concepts and remember them forever. In this Primary School Classes both activities and written work of your child will be assessed. You will get a diagnostic report highlighting the strength and weakness of your child. This will be discussed and remedial plan will be formulated during PTM.


Subjects taught to your child will be English, Mathematics, Environmental Science and Life Skills. Each subject will be taught in unique way. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Phonic based approach is adopted for Reading
  • Activity based approach is adopted for teaching Mathematics
  • Project based approach is adopted for teaching Environmental Science.

This Online Classes for class 1 to 5 is completely in sync with the Nation Education Policy 2020. The syllabus is based on National Curriculum Framework followed by National Education Boards in India – CBSE, CISCE and NIOS.