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grade one 5-6 years
grade two 6-7 years
grade five 9-10 years

Are you looking for the best online primary school for your child? We offer a virtual primary school where online classes for Classes 1–5 is conducted regularly. Your child will attend live, Online Interactive Classes. classes. Unlike other learning platforms, the teaching method is not “chalk and talk.” Teaching is not limited to showing videos, PPTs, and other online content.

Our online primary school teachers have years of expertise and lead students through the learning process in dynamic, exciting lessons. Keep students interested and motivated by including group exercises, role-playing, and simulations. We also use the most recent online learning materials and technologies to ensure your kids obtain the best education possible.


Process of Online Primary School from 1 to 5:

  • Vikalp’s online Primary school is where we introduce concepts using physical tools enabling students to Do and Learn..
  • You can also download mobile APP which lets students practice what they learn and informs you about your child’s progress.
  • Once students understand, pen and paper is introduced. Children do exercises on Couse book and Work book.


Your child will learn in the environment of do and learn. Your child will be able to internalise the concepts and remember them forever. We will assess your child’s activities and written work at our best Primary School. You will get a diagnostic report highlighting the strength and weakness of your child. This will be discussed and remedial plan will be formulated during PTM.


Benefits of Learning with Vikalp’s Online School For Primary Classes

  • Homeschooling with access to top-notch holistic online primary school education
  • Personalized instruction from teachers
  • Using active learning techniques to keep kids interested and content
  • An AI-integrated learning platform that has been specially designed
  • No more worrying about the security and safety of the child
  • Curriculum mapped to National Curriculum Framework followed by CBSE, CISE and NIOS Board.
  • Regardless of where you relocate, your child’s online primary school remains the same.
  • Improvement in children’s conversation skills.
  • Interaction between parents and teachers regularly


Vikalp’s primary online school provides a friendly environment for the students, monitors their skills, and provides you with reports on your child’s performance in PTM. Parents may more easily monitor their child’s growth using the real-time feedback and individualized learning programs offered by Vikalp’s online Primary school . They can make educated decisions regarding their child’s education because of the reports the school produces that offer thorough insights into their child’s strengths and limitations.


Book A Primary School Online Learning Platform for Your Child

Give your youngster the gift of a lifetime of education and creativity, which engages their basic knowledge and boosts it to the next level. Our satisfaction guarantee applies, and we’ll provide you and your kid with all the tools they need to succeed at this online primary school. Place your order instantly to begin your child’s path to success! Enroll them in our online program and watch them soar to new heights! Today, start the process of giving your child a bright future. Our online primary school education will equip your child with the skills and information necessary to succeed. Give them the chance to grow their abilities and build a better future by making a reservation immediately!

Vikalp Online Primary School: FAQs

Which Makes Vikalp The Best Online Pre School In India?


Vikalp is an experiential learning institution that prioritizes student engagement above traditional instruction. Here,  teachers take on the role of facilitators, leading students through practical activities with hands-on-learning tools and digital resources. Our all-encompassing strategy includes activity-based learning, follow-up projects, emphasizes phonics-based speaking,. We evaluate both activities and written work.


Is Online Primary School Effective?


MIT research shows that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are as practical as traditional classrooms. Education is undergoing a Renaissance, driven by students who want to take charge of their education, make their schedules, and gain priceless experiences through online education.

Why should you choose Vikalp School Online Primary School?

Numerous factors make Vikalp’s Online Primary School a well-liked option. Studying at home is convenient in terms of timing and place. The school offers a thorough curriculum that includes a range of topics, guaranteeing a well-rounded education. Hando-on-learning makes learning fun and easy.. Teachers are trained to act as Facilitators who ensures that students learn concepts while doing activities. Besides exciting activities, the school offers interactive learning materials.

How Can I apply To a Primary School that is online?

You must provide:

  • Your child’s birth certificate.
  • Proof of address.
  • Payment to enroll your child in an online primary school.

The registration procedure takes only 48 hours and is quick and straightforward.