Choose the grade of your child and let the play begin…
We ship to your doorstep, learning kit for Nursery to Grade 5. Each kit is mapped to the grade syllabus. It includes learning tools, guidance books to use the kit and course books wherein children apply their understanding. Thus, combining activity with application! You can login and participate in the weekly interactive sessions on our webinar. These sessions will be conducted on each concept from the learning kit where our team will guide you to use the kit effectively. This will help in conceptual clarity of your children. You can also have online discussions about your child’s physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development with our early childhood experts once in a month.

Our program is customised as per school’s requirement

Enriching School Curriculum

Experiential learning is integrated with school curriculum and syllabus. Learning begins with doing hands on activities with children. Once students start understanding the concept, pen & paper is introduced for the application of the learning. This is followed with online assessment of each concept highlighting strength and weakness of students.

Complementing School Curriculum

Experiential learning compliments regular maths period in the school. The learning tools help children to learn and strengthen their understanding about concepts and make connections with what they already know and experience in real life.

An experience centre is created inside school where classes are conducted in after-school-hours. This is optional for students

Vikalp Neighbourhood Centre

Have a zeal for entrepreneurship? Want to contribute to the society? Redefine your career. Start a neighbourhood centre at your home. Get trained and work from home.

Vikalp Experience Centre

Start an experience centre in your area. Get the setup, all the fixtures and training to start an enterprise. Along with running the Centre, you can also do school tie-ups and implement the program in schools of your assigned territory.


Session on Vikalp Experiential Learning

This was attended by school leaders of CBSE schools of  Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex Know more…

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Objective was to understand how satisfied our customers are. Net promoter scores were created by asking respondents to rate the likelihood they would refer our business to someone else, using a scale from 0 to 10. Using our customers’ answers, we can identify that 67 % of customers would promote us.