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Are you looking for Online Middle School for your child? You can enroll your child in this unique virtual middle school where online classes for Class 6 to 8 are conducted regularly. Your child can attend live online interactive classes from the comfort of their home. Unlike other home school programs, the method of teaching is not “chalk and talk”. Teaching is not limited to showing videos, PPTs and other online content.


Your child will be exposed to a unique learning platform. Some of the special features of these online middle school are as below: –

  • Concepts are introduced using physical tools. Students play and discover concepts on their own.
  • Several STEM products like Mensuration Set, Angle Formation Kit, Force Kit are used for understanding concepts.
  • Project work are assigned as follow up assignment
  • In this Elementary School Classes assessment of both activities and written work is done and a Diagnostic Report is generated.


In this online middle school, your child will do and learn. This will trigger curiosity and help your child develop interest and in depth understanding. Your child will be able to relate theoretical concepts to real life and retain concepts all through their life. This Online Classes for class 6 to 8 is completely in sync with the Nation Education policy 2020. The syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework followed by National Education Boards in India – CBSE, CISCE and NIOS.