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grade nine 13-14 years
grade ten 14-15 years

Are you looking for the best Online High School for your child? You can click on the button for each class and check the curriculum and its implementation. It is an accredited school. Our online high school classes for classes 9 and 10 are conducted regularly. Your child can attend live Online Interactive Classes from the comfort of your home. Unlike other high schools in India, the teaching method is not “chalk and talk.” In this Accredited Online Senior School class, teaching is not limited to showing videos, PPTs, and other online content.

New chapter starts with doing hand-on-activities. Your child can do and learn on their own. At our online secondary school, teachers provide individual attention to guarantee your child obtains the best education possible. Additionally, we have a committed support staff ready to respond to any inquiries.

Steps Process for Online High School


Your child will learn in an environment of do and learn. Children will do activities and learn at their own pace. The unique features of these online High school are as follows:

  • Introduce concepts using physical learning tools. Students play on their own and discover new ideas.
  • STEM products like Probability kits, Trigonometry boards, the Electric Series, and Magnetic kits are used to understand concepts.
  • Project work is assigned as follow-up work so that students can work independently.
  • In our online High School Classes, both activities and written work are assessed.

Parents will receive a diagnostic report highlighting the student’s strengths and weaknesses at the end of each quarter. After that, teachers will discuss all major points in PTM, and we will prepare a remedial plan.

Vikalp’s Path to Best Online High School in India

Our unique approach enables Vikalp to provide the best online schooling for high schools in India. Your child can excel in English, Mathematics, Social Science, and Science. Fundamentals of your child will become so strong that clearing medical or engineering will become easier. Your child will become adept in any kind of conceptual question of future board or competitive exams. Furthermore, three international third-party studies conducted on Vikalp confirm this. Click to know more.

We Follow National Education Policy at Vikalp Online High School

This Accredited Online High School for 9th and 10th class is completely in sync with the Nation Education policy 2020. The syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework followed by the National Education Boards in India – CBSE, CISCE and NIOS. After successful completion of curriculum, Marksheet + Certificate from NIOS Board of Government of India will be issued.


The Benefits of Online High School


Students understand better in the Do and Learn environment. They learn on their own at their pace. Since the class size is small, teacher can pay individual attention to each child. In this way no child is left behind. Every child understands the concepts.

Families with unusual cases, such as military families or travelling families that relocate often, opt to pursue high school online. Young athletes, performers, actresses, and singers who need a curriculum that fits hectic schedules find Vikalp Online High school as best and only option. In addition to high academic standards, online education equips students to graduate on time, offering a more flexible and open education.

For students living in remote areas, Vikalp Online High School is the best and only option. Student stays away from several distractions and save lot of time which is wasted in going to school. This time can be effectively utalised in studying, revising and reflecting.


Book A High School Online Learning Platform for Your Child


Reserve a Vikalp’s High School online seat to ensure your child can do their assignments securely and efficiently. On online learning platforms, instructors and students can communicate and monitor progress. Additionally, our teachers provide a range of materials to aid your child’s learning.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you’re happy with our program and pushing your child into a bright future. Place your purchase immediately if you’re prepared to begin your child’s path to success. Using our online high school curriculum, we strive to help your child reach their full potential. Enrolling them in our program allows them to acquire the abilities and information required for success. We urge you to book as soon as possible to start laying the foundation for your child’s next chapter in life.

Is Online Schools in India Legal?

Homeschooling and online learning are not considered to violate any of the RTE 2009’s provisions 18 or 19 by the Indian court system. Homeschooling is, therefore, legal in India. Online universities that are officially recognized and approved are equivalent to traditional universities.

What To Do While in Online High School Classes?

Maintain active engagement through active participation in discussions and formulating inquiries while attending online high school. Always bring the required learning tools to class. Try to do as many activities and explore all possible aspects so that you get an holistic understanding of concepts. Establish an environment conducive to concentration by reducing diversions for learning.

How are Online High Schools Best?

Online schooling for high schools in India provides online courses that excel when they provide scheduling flexibility, enabling learners to harmonize academic pursuits with other obligations. Furthermore, hands-on-learning elevates student engagement. There are no lectures in the class. Students Do and Learn while doing activities. Teacher is there to guide and facilitate the activities so that student discover the concept on their own at their own pace. This leads to in-depth understanding of concepts and high score in both board and competitive examinations.

What Is The Don’ts in Online High Classes?

In the realm of online secondary school learning, it’s essential to steer clear of these pitfalls:

1. Never miss to bring your learning tools to class. Always attend the class with the required tools. Do all the activities and explore the concepts from all possible angles. 2. While attending online high school, procrastination should be avoided at all costs. Delaying assignments and coursework until the eleventh hour can hinder your progress, so effective time management is necessary.

2. Stay away from distractions during class sessions. Engaging in multitasking or unrelated activities can divert your attention and diminish your ability to concentrate.
3. Don’t shy away from communication. Whenever you have inquiries or require clarification, don’t hesitate to contact your instructors or peers. Effective communication serves as the linchpin of successful online learning.