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Are you looking for an Online Preschool for your child? Will online school work for children in early years? This debate has become redundant. But school should be activity-based not instruction-based. Children in early years cannot listen to instructions and understand. They need to “PLAY” discover learning while doing activities. This Activity-based-learning (ABL) can be implemented better in online medium. In Public Schools there are several operational difficulties in implementing ABL. Vikalp Online Preschool is completely activity-based. We teach students through multiple activities. There is no extended explanation or boring lectures by teachers. This is completely in sync with the New Education Policy 202O. Toddlers who attend Vikalp Online Preschool have fun while learning. Children learn through exploration and experimentation in a hands-on environment, which fosters the growth of their cognitive abilities, critical thinking, and creativity. Children can communicate with their teachers and peers in real-time thanks to the interactive platform, which makes it possible.

Vikalp Online Preschool focuses on learning, not teaching.

Teachers don’t teach, they facilitate learning in the manner that children discover the concepts. Our teachers are not instructors. They act as facilitator and conduct interesting activities and make the learning happen. Because of this, we refer to them as facilitators rather than traditional teachers. In our homeschool preschool program, facilitators and students in our homeschool preschool program meet in a virtual classroom with various interesting physical tools. Children’s curiosity is aroused by these interesting learning tools, which promote exploratory play. Our facilitators guide and support young learners as they experiment and learn fundamental concepts through play. Children progress at their own pace, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-direction. Not only eyes and ears but whole body is involved in the learning process. Vikalp Online Preschool offer a holistic approach that nurtures each child’s unique learning style and potential.

Phonics-based Reading @Online Pre schooling

At Vikalp Online Preschool, we adopt a Phonic based approachin teaching speech and pronunciation to children. Through this, your child will first learn the letter sounds. Gradually they will learn to differentiate between letter name and letter sound. This is the first and most crucial step in learning how to speak. Later, they will learn how to mix and split letters. This stimulates children’s curiosity to know more about letters and words. It lays a strong foundation of Speech and Pronunciation, right in the early years.

Mix Media adopted in Vikalp Online Pre school

Kids’ attention spans are only 5 to 10 minutes in the early years. Whether you show them videos or make them do activities, they get bored after 10 minutes. It can be challenging to keep them engaged for an hour. Therefore, we keep changing the medium. First, we start teaching with learning toys – then mobile games – then workbook and finally coursebook. We can capture children’s attention thanks to the constant change in the medium that keeps their interest and curiosity alive. The term “mixed media” refers to the change in medium i.e., learning tools, mobile games, activity sheets, textbook. Through the use of a variety of media, mixed media aims to give kids the freedom to discover which learning style suits them the best. Since they are constantly being pushed to learn new skills, it also helps to keep them engaged and motivated. In this way, they can learn more effectively and quickly.

What makes Vikalp the Best Preschool Online Learning Platform?

  • Vikalp is an Experiential Learning School.
  • Our focus is on fostering learning, not just teaching.
  • Teachers act as facilitators, guiding classroom activities.
  • Students actively discover concepts through hands-on experiences.
  • We utilize a combination of physical and digital tools in activities.
  • Learning actively engages the entire body.
  • We prioritize phonics-based speech and pronunciation.
  • Simple projects are assigned as follow-up assignments.
  • Assessment evaluates both activities and written work.

4 Step Process for Online Preschool Programs:

  1. Our online preschool introduces the concept physical tools to let them learn actively.
  2. At an online school for preschool children, learning continues on the mobile APP where children practice what they have learned.
  3. Once we make sure that the student have started understanding, pen and paper is introduced. Children do interesting exercises on workbook.
  4. We evaluate each student’s activities and written work and prepare diagnostic reports.

As working parents, grab a seat now at our online preschool for toddlers. It lays a strong foundation of numeracy and literacy in the early learning years of your child. Students learn reading, writing, and math essentials through online preschool. The syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework followed by the National Education Boards in India – CBSE, CISCE, and

Vikalp Online Preschool: FAQ


1. What does the Vikalp Curriculum teach? Is Physical, Mental and Socio-Emotional aspects included?

Vikalp’s online preschool curriculum includes all aspects of learning development. children develop their gross and fine motor abilities as they  learn through activities like walking, jumping, sprinting, scribbling, threading, and coloring. Additionally, they learn to explore the environment, distinguish between soft and hard surfaces, and recognize familiar things. At this point, individuals can recall two to three items and even identify missing pieces in photographs. We  include all activities, which are easy to adapt for children in early years. Special emphasis in group discussions, group activities, team work, public speaking opportunities help in the socioemotional development of children.

2. What is homeschool Montessori preschool?

Homeschool Montessori preschool is an educational system that allows kids to grow and learn in a experiential learning setting appropriate for their age. Children Do and Learn. The curriculum is designed to foster independence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Children are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. As per research, children in early years learn best by touch. This is the reason we offer things with which students can interact physically. These include puzzles, blocks, and cubes, wooden numbers and letters, modeling clay, globes, maps, drawing materials, and more.

3. How is Online Preschool beneficial for toddlers?

Toddlers may learn in a secure and exciting environment through online preschool, interacting with classmates and teachers. A fun and engaging approach also enables students to learn the basics of language, counting, and problem-solving. Parents’ minds may be at ease knowing their kids are receiving a top-notch early childhood education from the comfort of home.