Coding for Kids Professional level


Curriculum for Senior Level (Suitable for Class 6,7 and 8)


Syllabus of 3 Month Subscription

Game design and Basic App Development

  • Single Player Game
  • Infinite Screen Games
  • Gaming Apps
  • Multi-Player Games
  • Game design Process


Additional Syllabus of 6 Month Subscription

Mobile App Development & User Experience (Design)  

  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Forms handling
  • Firebase Integrated Apps


Additional Syllabus of 9 Month Subscription

Data Science and interpreting User Behaviour   

  • Python programming
  • Data Visualization
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • API Development
  • Code a satellite Program
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What is Coding for Kids Professional Classes?

Coding for Kids Professional is a specialized programme that teaches children the basics of coding in a professional and controlled setting. The programme seeks to teach children essential coding abilities in a fun and instructional way.


What age range is appropriate for Professional Coding Classes for Kids?

Professional coding classes for kids are designed for a wide range of age groups, often beginning around age 7 or 8. The curriculum is to provide an appropriate and entertaining learning experience for children at all stages of development.


How can I sign my child up for Professional Coding Classes for Kids?

Enrolling your child is simple. You can learn more about these classes by visiting the official website or contacting our academic counsellor. Online enrollment is also available, making registering your child for coding lessons easier.


Do children require prior coding experience to participate in Professional Coding Classes for Kids?

Professional Coding Classes for Kids do not require any prior coding skills. The programme will start with fundamental principles and graduate to more complex subjects. It is mainly built to accommodate students with varying levels of coding ability, creating a welcoming and adaptive learning environment.


How will these coding lessons help my child in the future

Professional coding classes for kids strive to provide youngsters with functional future abilities. In addition to coding skills, these workshops encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperation, preparing your child for the ever-changing needs of the digital world.


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