Cursive Writing Board

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Cursive Writing Board

Age Group

4 to 6 yrs.

Inside the Box

DOUBLE-SIDED REVERSABLE BOARD: One side feature lowercase letter for your child’s initial introduction to cursive   writing, while the other side includes capital letters

STYLUS or DUMMY PENCILS for children to keep WRITING. ”

  • Dimension (l X b X h): 42 x 31 x 5 cm.
  • Weight                         : 505 gram.

Learning Outcomes

This hand-on-learning approach of Montessori recognizes that a child’s potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. Cursive Writing Board capitalizes on this concept by training the muscles of the hand, until proper letter formation is mastered. Consequently, children develop fine mortal skills required to write cursive letters both in upper and lower case.

Cursive Writing Board