Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit

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Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit

It is argued that maximum development of human brain happens in the early years of 2 to 6 years. Therefore, Early Childhood Education Programs catering to this age group has become the priority sector for Government of India. This includes early childhood care and education. Anganwadi or Early Childhood Learning Centres are created where early childhood education programs are implemented.

In order to execute Early Childhood Development (ECD) courses ECD kits or Pre-School Education (PSE) Kit are designed. It contains lot of teaching-learning materials, puzzle cards, flipcharts etc. A water container and soap to keep the materials and children clean. Teacher who has done early childhood development course and has ECE Certification can implement this program. Benefits of ECD programs can be seen in children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development.


  1. Video Lessons/ Facilitators guide for teachers to know how to conduct activities.
  2. Access to corresponding mobile games where children can play and practise.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit includes the following:-

  1. Attribute Set: Learns shapes & size
  2. Pink Tower: Building blocks to develop sense of size and dimensions
  3. Elementary Dominoes: helps in becoming proficient in count and match
  4. Number Cube: Learns to recognise numbers
  5. Number Box: Making and adding numbers.
  6. Disc Board: Learns quantitative value of numbers
  7. Hundred Board: Gets familiar to number representation up to 100
  8. Floor Disc: Helps in learning number order
  9. Advance Dominoes: Learns one to one correspondence and Subtilization
  10. Toy Elephant: lacing toy: helps in hand-eye coordination
  11. Alphabet Mat: Helps in recognising alphabets
  12. Number Mat: Helps in recognising numbers
  13. Sandpaper Alphabets: Helps in recognising construction of alphabets
  14. Sandpaper Numbers: Helps in recognising construction of numbers
  15. Pencil Grip: Helps in developing tripod grip required for handwriting
  16. Pre-Writing Board: Helps in developing pencil control required for handwriting
  17. Story Telling Cards: Arranging picture cards & learning to tell stories: Thirstry Crow
  18. Number Writing Board: Helps in developing pencil control to write numbers
  19. Magnetic Board: Helps in knowing letter names & sounds
  20. Body Parts: Helps in recognising body parts
  21. Thangs that Go Together: Helps in developing the sense of same & different
  22. Puzzle Cards: Action Words: helps in knowing basic action words
  23. Flash Cards: Pattern: Helps in differentiating same & different pattern
  24. Alphabet Writing Board: Helps in developing pencil control to write alphabets
  25. Story Telling Cards: Arranging picture cards & learning to tell stories: Hare & Tortoise
  26. Cursive Writing Board: Developing pencil control for writing cursive letters
  27. Flash Cards: Find the Difference: Learns to differentiate between same & different
  28. Puzzle Cards: Action & Reaction: Develops logic to understand cause and effect