Fraction Kit


Inside The Box:
  • Fractional parts of the paper
  • Two plastic trays
  • Plastic base with cavities
  • Product manual with activities
Learning Outcome:
  • The basic concept of fraction, numerator and denominator.
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Comparison of fractions
  • Like and Unlike Fractions.
  • Addition and Subtraction of fractions
  • Proper and Improper fractions, each equal part (2,3,4,5,6,7.. Etc) of a whole number can be represented by a fractional number.

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  • Age Group: 7 to 10 years
  • With concrete pieces of fraction set children can touch and feel whole and part.
  • Children can understand how whole is divided into several parts and how it is represented as fraction al numbers.
  • Fractional concepts are developed by intuitive approach where children explore and experiment with different fractional parts to discover various concepts.
  • LEARNING OUTCOME: Learn to compare fractions, differentiate like and unlike fraction, make equivalent fractions, do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractional numbers.
    REDUCE Usage of plastic is minimal. Even the plastic used is polypropylene (PP sheet) which is also recycled.
    RECYCLE Printing is done using soya-based ink so that it’s not harmful even if children try to eat or chew the products.
    REUSE Basic material used is recycled corrugated sheets. The same is used to manufacture carton boxes.
    The objective is to sensitize children towards the reuse of cartoon boxes which is normally thrown after usage. It encourages children to change carton boxes and other waste materials lying at home into something useful.