German for Beginners


Curriculum of German for Beginners Course

Module 1

  • Introduce yourself/countries/occupations
  • The alphabet & the numbers
  • Languages and countries
  • People and hobbies
  • The work, the workplace
  • Free time
  • At the hotel
  • The city map
  • Food and drink in the restaurant


  • Personal pronouns and verbs in the present tense
  • The group of nouns: der/die/das
  • Verbs
  • The negation
  • Prepositions of place
  • Personal pronouns in the accusative case

Module 2

  • Daily schedule
  • Stress in the office
  • On the computer
  • Arranging appointments
  • The seasons and the weather
  • Destinations, travel preparations
  • Means of transport
  • Living & the home furnishings
  • Health
  • Excuses


  • Verbs
  • Prepositions of time
  • Sentence connectives: conjunctions
  • The group of nouns
  • Indicators of space
  • Adjectives
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After taking this German for Beginners Course you will be able to:

  • Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually
  • Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first
  • Over one thousand vocabulary words from all categories
  • Read a restaurant menu
  • Order food and drinks
  • Structure basic sentences with ease

This online German course for kids aims to help you master the basics of German and give you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a German speaker.


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