German for Kids | Professional Level | German Certificate Course


German for Kids Professional Level

Module 1 German Certificate Course Online

  • Communication and media
  • History and memories
  • Feelings, lies, strengths, and weaknesses
  • School time
  • Career opportunities and profession


  • Tenses of the verbs
  • Verbs with prefixes, which may or may not be separable
  • Subjunctive II
  • Subjunctive I
  • Adverbial clauses
  • Verbs and their complements
  • Noun connectors
  • Word formation of the nouns
  • Participles as adjectives
  • Nominalized adjectives and participles
  • Relative clauses


Module 2:

  • Technical progress
  • Environment and pollution
  • Medicine
  • Special skills
  • Feelings
  • Living
  • Art & Creativity
  • Books and literature
  • Politics


  • Passive
  • Passive replacement forms
  • Modal verbs
  • Declination and comparison of adjectives
  • Adjectives and their complements
  • Word formation of the adjectives
  • Nominal style
  • Prepositions of the written language

Business Communication

  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resume Writing

Why learn Professional German language Course from Vikalp online classes?

Vikalp Professional German language Course online Classes, your entrance to understanding German, can help you unlock the doors of linguistic greatness. Our modern method combines academic rigor with cultural immersion to create a transformative education experience in Professional German language Course. Our personalized German Certificate Course Online programme, led by skilled instructors, promotes fluency and cultural awareness. Immerse yourself in interactive classes, advanced tools, and a worldwide community. Vikalp’s drive toward linguistic expertise promotes learning German above a skill acquisition to a tribute to your commitment to excellence.

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This German for Kids Professional Level Course is for 9 months. Once this German Certificate Course is complete you can make resume, appear for interviews, make presentations. Basically, you will become ready for the professional job world. You will be able to speak almost like a native. Certificate issued at the end of this course will help you in applying for various job opportunities.


What skills will my child obtain from the German Certificate Course Online? and how long will it take?

The training lasts nine months and will prepare your child to speak German effectively. The credential they receive improves their work preparedness for various professional options.

Will my child’s professional chances improve due to the Certificate course in German?

Certainly! The recognized credential prepares your youngster for job applications, resume development, and professional presentations. It provides a solid foundation, preparing students for various employment choices.

What grammatical subjects will be covered in the German Certificate Course Online?

Verb tenses, Prefix verbs, Subjunctives I and II, Adverbial clauses, Nominalization, Participles, Relative clauses, Passive construction, Modal verbs, and Business Communication strategies are all covered in German Certificate Course Online.

What role does the German Certificate Course Online play in preparing students for professional communication?

The German Certificate Course Online provides students with crucial Business Communication tools and language abilities. Interview preparation, presentation skills, and resume writing are all part of improving their professional communication and job preparedness.

What skills will my child gain from this Professional German language Course?

Aside from language skills, you will obtain meaningful and professional skills from this Professional German language Course. Module 1 focuses on effective communication, while Module 2 addresses technical development, the environment, and business communication, preparing students for real-world circumstances and jobs.

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