Handwriting for Class 2

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Handwriting for Class 2 is the fifth part of this Writing Series. This writing book attempts to make writing a pleasant task for little ones. First part was on designing patters. Second was on writing small and capital letters. Third part was introduction to Cursive Small Letters.  Fourth part was an introduction to Cursive Capital Letters. This part is more practise in writing small and capital cursive letters.

Children are supposed to write words, sentences and short proverbs in the four-line book where lines are only .3 cm apart. This is done to encourage writing in less space. Opposite to each page there is a ruled page. This page provides sufficient space for practise. Children transcribes from his/her text, a few lines each day.


Handwriting for Class 2

Inspired by                                                                                 Conceived by

Sister M. Hyacintha A. C                                                          Neha Choudhry

Director, Carmel Teacher Centre, India                                Chief Idea Officer (CIO), Vikalp, India

Vikalp Writing Series is a complete series of 7 books on how to learn handwriting. This is specially designed for children in the age group of 2 to 9 years. This is recommended for students in Pre-Primary and Primary classes. It helps in the development of fine motor skills which lays the strong foundation for handwriting in the early years.