How to Learn Computer Science from Scratch


How to Learn Computer Science from Scratch

Experience top-notch interactive online classes in computer science specifically designed for lower primary students in Grade 1 and 2. Our curriculum introduces computer science in a fun and engaging way, ensuring students receive personalized guidance from our expert instructors. The program covers essential topics such as an introduction to computers, their uses, and the various parts of a computer. Students will learn about the keys on a keyboard, working with a mouse, and gain an introduction to Paint, the Central Processing Unit, and monitors.

Computer Science from Scratch: Computer Science for Beginners (Grade 1 and 2) 

Experience top-notch interactive online classes in Computer science for Lower Primary (Grade 1 and 2) Computer lessons for grade 1 are given to students with proper personal guidance by our experts. Our curriculum is designed to introduce Computer Science in a fun and interactive way

Introduction To Computer For Kids Curriculum 

  • Introduction to computer
  • Uses of computer
  • Parts of computer
  • Keys on keyboard
  • Working with mouse
  • Introduction to Paint
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Monitor
  • Places where you can see the computer
  • Introduction to windows
  • Apps
  • Paint
  • Input devices
  • Working principles of a computer
  • Introduction to Logo
  • Introduction Word Pad
  • Computer Ethics