Math Kit for Class 10

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Math Kit for Class 10


Set of 7 TLM cater to the students of 16 to 17 years. Recommended for grade Ten students



Pythagoras Theorem Kit | Mensuration Kit | Trigonometry Geoboard | Coordinate Geoboard | Interlocking cubes | Tangent Geoboard | Arithmetic Progression Kit | Probability Kit | Parabola Kit.



  1. Discover Pythagoras theorem of triangle and geometry on Pythagoras Theorem kit.
  2. Understand role of Pythagoras theorem on Acute and obtuse angle on Mensuration and Algebraic Tiles Kit.
  3. Understand the concept of Trigonometry on Trigonometry geoboard.
  4. Learns how to plot Distance and section formula on Coordinate Geoboard.
  5. Able to Solve Algebraic identities on Interlocking Cubes.
  6. Understand the Tangent of circle and its theorem on Tangent geoboard.
  7. Explore with Nth and Sum of First N term of Arithmetic Progression on Arithmetic progression Kit.
  8. Understand the experimental approach of Probability on Probability Kit.
  9. Understand the concept of Parabola on Parabola Kit.

Math Kit for Class 10


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