Math Kit for Class 5

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DIY Math Kit for Class 5 is a Set of 9 products as the curriculum of Grade 5. The list of products and concepts covered are as follows:

Table Kit : Learn angles
Fraction Kit : Learn Fractions
Opposite Kit : Learn Factors and Multiples
Geo Board : Learn Area and Perimeter
Hundred Board : Learn Factors and Multiples
Place Value Cards : Learn Place Value
Talking Sticks : Learn Attributes of 3D Shapes
Number Line : Learn Fractions
Decimal Kit : Learn Decimals


  • Facilitator Guide with step by step instruction for Parent.

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Math Kit for Class is 5 conceived by Late P. K Shrinivasan and Sr. M Hyacintha A. C.


Products are colourful and child friendly. Colour used are bright and is not used all over. It’s in places where children need to focus. Attempt is to make play more interesting.


Child safety is our first priority. All the edges of products are round. Material which can hurt children are avoided. Even if a child does some mishandling or hit each other it will not hurt the child. Any type of popularly used alcohol-based ink is avoided. Soya based ink of SAKATA INX has been used so that it’s not harmful in case a child tries to chew the product

Manufacturing process of products takes care of all 3 R’s of eco-friendly products – reduce, recycle and reuse.

Age Group

9 to 11 years