Mathematics for Class 3

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Mathematics for Class 3 includes the following:- 

  1. Skip-counting
  2. 4 digit numbers
  3. Mental addition and subtraction
  4. Shapes
  5. Addition and subtraction of four digit numbers
  6. How Many Times
  7. Tessellation
  8. Addition of activities
  9. Clock
  10. Calendar
  11. Length
  12. Multiplication
  13. Division
  14. Money
  15. Data handling using tally
  16. Fluency in computation

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Mathematics for Class 3 is the course book series provided by Vikalp India. This is specially designed for students of third grade, having age group 8 years. This course series provide complete foundation in the study of mathematics during the early foundational learning. After having a hand on apparatus, children apply their concepts in course book for understanding and intelligence application. Number Concepts, complex number operation such as addition,subtraction muliplication and Division takes place. Spatial understanding gets widen up in terms of tessellation. Concept of measurements such as Length & Time also get introduced .The syllabus or content prescribed in the book is specially designed keeping in view the NCF guidelines 2005 for Primary Mathematics.